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    PKHeX Legacy Discussion

    That would have been awesome, damn you April fool!
  2. I saw they are adding codes almost day by day, but do they have a full list or un upcoming list for codes?
  3. My Powersaves 3DS arrived today but unfortunately it doesn't work with my X cartridge. I insert my cartridge and it tries to download the information required on my game but then comes back to the "Insert your cartridge" screen and goes on and on like this. Kinda feel like I've wasted my money... EDIT: I've fixed the problem, now I have my powersaves 3DS working and I have my sav files. If you want I can upload them.
  4. Fab

    PKHeX Legacy Discussion

    Perfectly working now! I'd like to ask something about the met location. How do insert the correct met location since it's not expressed in names but in numbers. Do you have a list with numbers corresponding to the location?
  5. I'll first backup my sav file as it is. Then I'll try to modify something like you said and then I'll make another backup. So I should have, one backup without changes, one backup with changes, right?
  6. Well, I've ordered a Powersaves 3DS today and I think I'll be receiving it somewhere between tomorrow and Monday so I'm probably going to test it myself and let you know about it
  7. But if I backup my sav file, will I be able to edit Pokémons and then reinject them into my game?
  8. Well, considered that this game offers us much more catchable pokemons, I'd like to have some advices on the in game team you're using. I went for Oshwatt, then caught a Mareep and a Venipede. Until now I didn't encounter much of a problem (except for the poison gym that caused me some troubles). I would have liked to catch a normal/flying pokemon such as Pidgey or Starly or Spearow but up to now (4th badge) I didn't have the occasion to do so. Which team are you using and are you satisfied?
  9. Yeah, actually I'm also learning more about the modern gameplay, consider that last game I played was Pokemon Gold before black and white.
  10. I'm writing just to let you know that I patched my rom and it works properly. Some texts is still in japanese but I think you lfet it like that because there was no use in traslating it (such as opponents' dialogues). Great job guys, now the game is playable and enjoyable. Great job, thanks a lot!
  11. Yes, but I'd like them to more "unfair" and with unfair I intend able to sweep out half of the teams present in the game. And I don't see Reshiram or Zekrom able to do so, or maybe I simply cannot use them properly.
  12. I'd like to thank the creator of this site because it represents all the desires I had when I was young child playing pokemons. Even if I'm 22 right now, this site is making me come back at the age of 11/12. Real good site/forum, keep it up, I'll try to stay active as much as I can.
  13. The only thing that pisses me off about legendaries is the fact that they sometmes turn out be average pokemons. They are supposed to be LEGENDARIES, pokemons that cannot be defeated so easily or that suffer fightning against many others. Don't know if you think so but that what pisses me off all the time! Btw, back in topic. From the Kyurem's images you've posted it looks like a fusion between Reshiram and Zekrom with Kyurem's face. Not that bad speaking in therms of estethics, I sincerely hope this'll be a good pokemon in therms of statistics and attack pool.
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