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    Mew Glitch

    You're thinking of the Ditto Glitch, very much similar to the Mew Glitch. So instead of teleporting like usual, fly to FUCHSIA CITY, then walk to the east towards ROUTE 15, fight any trainer. Then walk into grass area until you encounter DITTO. Then switch to a Pokémon with a special of 226, battle or run [doesn't matter]. Immediately after the battle, return to the place where you first teleported. The start menu will open, then you will fight Prof. Oak. Lower his attack 4 to 6 times using Growl for him to have a Charizard, Venosaur, or Blastoise team. Note 1: It is crucial that DITTO transforms into the Pokémon with a special of 226. After that it doesn't matter if choose to fight, just don't catch it. Note 2: Its is important to use 4-6 growls for him to have his proper team. And yes he has a connection to Elite Four. His team is identical to Gary's. Implying that the player was supposed to fight him at instead of Gary. But it makes more sense to fight Gary when you think about it.
  2. Besides moltres there isn't any good fire types. For water and grass there's poliwrath, Gyarados , vileplume, Victreebel. So I'm going with charmander
  3. I do agree with you. My theory is that they had planned to have more than 151 Pokemon but saved some for gold/silver/crystal...oh and mew wasn't supposed to come out in generation 1, hence only being available in glitches and gameshark.
  4. Anyways I have used 0134D8CF which is the "mankey" encounter code for gameshark. Upon using this I encountered Missingno and I caught him. Afterwards it said if I wanted to nickname Rhydon. Upon noticing this I found that somehow cubone was involved ( in the pokedex). There's no purpose to this thread just wanted to see what you guys think. Especially since the Pokemon conspiracy about 'M, cubone and kangaskhan. I don't know maybe Missingno might be involved. Pictures posted later UPDATE: I realized that my post is ridiculous, and considered that it might just be a coincidence.
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