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  1. :bidoof: No more problem involving the first post, Sorry! >Please delete this thread<
  2. Try again today, it's working again Same thing as last time, check out what formlesstree4 said~ It might clear up any questions you might have.
  3. Whoops, sorry I didnt see the first post by Willaien, I should have closed the thread after that. Well it's all said and done now Thanks to everyone who replied and I'll leave this thread up for future use
  4. Oh wow, this blew up in the few minutes I was away Since there are some who have mentioned this on old threads, it may just blow over and start working fine again another day. There haven't been any official statements (from what I've heard/read)
  5. Hi everyone, thanks for viewing! This theread is open for general discussion about the error showen above however it is no longer a problem If the error happens again, look here for info about it! The thread is being left open for future discussions or questions about other errors that may occur. -Boogiepop
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