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PokeGts.us Error 13247 Discussion Thread

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Hi everyone, thanks for viewing!

This theread is open for general discussion about the error showen above however it is no longer a problem :)

If the error happens again, look here for info about it!

The thread is being left open for future discussions or questions about other errors that may occur.


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Error no longer occuring
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Oh wow, this blew up in the few minutes I was away

Since there are some who have mentioned this on old threads, it may just blow over and start working fine again another day.

There haven't been any official statements (from what I've heard/read)

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That's not a nintendo problem, because if i try using the official GTS, it works perfectly. I guess there's something wrong with the pokegts?

Look up the error code Rosso. Error code 13247, like I linked, indicates high traffic on the GTS server of Nintendo. That does not mean the official GTS will stop working, it means that some traffic does not get processed in a timely manner.

I'd just like to know if this is gonna be fixed or not, because i seriously need the GTS sender xD

It will, but it's Nintendo's side, not ours.

Black, i guess that is why... Did this happened before?

It's not like they're closing the pokeGTS right? ._.


There's something like some "official" comments about this? Or still no news?

Comments from Nintendo or PokeGTS? If PokeGTS, then Willaien already posted at the start of this thread right after me. As for Nintendo, not that I'm aware of. I have not bothered to go through the whole thread to see what all has happened, but this is the news I have. Just relax, it'll blow over soon.

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Thanks for the help guys and sorry for the "panic", i'm doing an event for some friends of mines and i wanted to use this for distribution, that's why lol.

Oh and i didn't know willaien is the manteiner, sorry ._.

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Ummmm, on pokemon platinum recently I have added to my dns on my ds lite, and after I save settings, and press b twice. I start my file, I get a blue screen saying something about the union room. -.- Then my game screen becomes white. This has only happened twice.

That's because the DNS you've added is for the GTS only. If I recall, Willaien might have implemented a filter (similar to what I'm implementing) to block certain requests, leaving the Union Room unable to be connected to. Just remove the DNS IP you added and you should be fine. If you want, I'd recommend you post the full error message to further diagnose the problem.

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