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  1. I went for regular shipping. It came pretty quickly - much quicker than 10 days. I'm still hoping for an update to Pokesav that unlocks and updates Mystery Gift, but Com seems to either slowed or stopped his updates.
  2. I got the NDS Adaptor Plus in the post tonight. I successfully used it to back up my Soul Silver file, but I haven't been brave enough to try writing my file back yet. There's no reason it shouldn't work, though. Of course Pokesav HGSS is still not very functional, but it's useful just being able to back up. Having no access to Mystery Gift is a bit of a pain.
  3. I have no doubt. But that doesn't help much right now for getting Wonder Cards from official events. What exactly does testing involve? I might be able to help. Cool. Do flash cards do anything else that could be useful for Pokemon? I must admit I've never really looked into them much before. Wow, that IS cheap! Ludicrously cheap in fact. Thanks for the link! :smile:
  4. There is quite a lot of discussion here about the legality of edited Pokemon, but I've been wondering what effect (if any) minor edits have to a save file. For example, my wife DS's date was a year out when I used it to beat the elite four for the first time in Diamond, resulting in a weird save where I started my game in 2007 and finished it in 2006. Does changing these dates - or the dates Pokemon were caught on - have any effect on the integrity of the save file itself? Generally I'm more interested in Pokesav and similar programs for their backup and storage capabilities rather than editing Pokemon stats and so on, but I want to know if these seemingly minor changes are going to have any effect on my game before going ahead with them.
  5. It's the first time I've ordered from them so I don't know any more than you guys, I'm afraid. But they replied to my order on Monday within a few hours, and then again shortly after I paid to say when my order would be sent. Other than the fact that they make these adaptors, I really know nothing else about the company. I hope your orders go through soon. Edit: Oh, and it's a very basic operation shopping-wise. They just sent me the details through e-mail and gave me an address to pay through PayPal. I get the feeling they don't do a lot of online sales, or perhaps mostly wholesale stuff. I'm guessing all the NDS Adaptors on Yahoo Auctions here come directly from this company, bought in bulk for a discount.
  6. As long as it works, that really doesn't bother me. Again, if it works I don't consider it a rip-off. And isn't this the only way to get save games to work at this point? I thought that's what this thread was about. There's no need to get upset. As it happens, I don't have a flashcart - but I'm definitely interested in getting one. One question: how does it back up save data when it fits in the same slot as the game you want to back up? Do you have to hot-switch the cards or something? On the contrary it appears to cost 41 dollars including shipping ordering from the closest supplier listed on their official site. This adaptor cost me 32 dollars including shipping. Do you know a good place to order from that ships to Japan?
  7. It seems EMS has just released a new version of their NDS Adaptor which supports Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I just ordered one from them. http://www.hkems.com/product/nintendo/0907.htm Amazon.co.jp finally got Heart Gold back in stock, so when I get it hopefully I will be able to back up my save file and get a copy of the Wonder Card for the Pikachu forest event backed up. I tried with Soul Silver and the NDS Adaptor before, but of course it doesn't work.
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