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  1. Here is the image of the Diancie Code Card... * The Wonder Card submitted by Wanderer1391 matched mine bit-for-bit except for the date received. I was unable to receive my Diancie until Tuesday, October 28th due to the Pokemon X/Y version 1.3 update. There may be issues with Diancie Wonder Cards received prior to this update. *
  2. I finally got the extraction of Wonder Cards from my PowerSave files working... 523 - Boo! A Pumpkaboo! Received: 10/01/2014 This special Pumpkaboo is delightfully frightful with moves like Trick-or-Treat and Scary Face. Trade it to a friend and watch it evolve into a Gourgeist! With its Rocky Helmet, it is real tough! In-Game Statistics: Nickname: Pumpkaboo Gender: Male Level: 50 Ability: Pickup (Random) OT: Spooky2014 ID: 10014 Location: A Lovely Place Held Item: Rocky Helmet Moveset: (1) Trick-or-Treat (2) Astonish (3) Scary Face (4) Shadow Sneak 5
  3. I have not been able to keep up with ProjectPokemon since the release of X/Y so I don't know how to extract the Wonder Cards from the .SAV file but I have included my retail cart saves for both games. On each I have collected the Torchic (via Nintendo Network), Celebi (via Pokemon Bank) and Vivillon (via Nintendo Network). If someone can point me to the tools for extracting the information I will use that method in the future. PKMNXSAVE.zip PKMNYSAVE.zip
  4. This is not a reply to any of the previous posts. I am just as anxious as many other people to find a way to backup the save data for generation 6 games. Each 3DS system generates a unique key which is used to create a folder on the SD Card and encrypt the apps and data stored in that folder. You CAN use the same SD Card for multiple 3DS systems and each one will have its own unique folder on that card. You CANNOT copy the apps and data from one system folder to another because the files are also encrypted with that unique key. A single "Private" folder also exists on the SD Card which is use
  5. Today happened to be my birthday and something unexpected happened when I walked into the Pokemon Center on the X and Y games. I'm not going to give away what happened, but I thought it was pretty cool. Note: I did not get anything free!
  6. Here is the GameStop USA event for Meloetta... Meloetta-USA..zip Additional Instructions: "Talk to the musician in the cafe of Castella City. This musician will teach Meloetta the exclusive move Relic Song! Meloetta is the only Pokemon that can learn this move." "Meloetta can change its Forme during a battle by using the special move Relic Song! When it changes Forme, its type changes as well. This can be a big surprise for your opponents in the middle of a battle!" Sorry, I did not have time to scan the card that was handed out at the event.
  7. A couple of notes for you: The latest firmware for the AceKard 2i addresses the latest update for the 3DS and not Pokemon Black/White 2. Akaio 1.9 was released before Pokemon Black/White 2 released...Wood R4 had to release an updated OS for the R4i card to address AP issues with Pokemon Black/White 2 and AceKard will probably have to do the same at some point. Lastly, I found the so called clean roms online and they're not clean. I have both games and dumped both to my computer. The supposed clean roms have junk bytes located in the first 4096 bytes of the files (the remainder of each file wa
  8. I arrived home from a GameStop in Annapolis, MD about 2 hours after Nintendo1252 posted the Keldeo Wonder Card. I downloaded the card from the post and it was a binary match for the one I received from GameStop. I have a DSTwo and an R4 flashcard (one with all the English games and the other with all the Japanese games). When they are in my system it is very hard to tell that they are not actual game cartridges. The only way someone would know is if they saw the flashcard menu screen on my DS before I selected a game.
  9. The Official Pokemon Website has also posted a brief note on this event. They will be releasing more details on August 20th. I agree with Guested that this is just a way to drive pre-orders for the B2W2 games. It would be interesting if this event turned out to be similar to the Celebi event for HGSS just before BW released that, when traded, could be used to get Zorua.
  10. One additional note for the Black/White games... I have not used the C-Gear or GTS on these games and the data in my gamesave files from address 47F9C to the end of the file contain the value FF. After using PokeGen it replaced the values at address 54712 and 54713 which seem to have not effect on my game right now. I used HxD to change both values back to FF and my game is still working just fine.
  11. None, but I mentioned it because that was one of the codes everyone kept asking me for everytime a new Pokemon GBC game came out (I've been playing Pokemon for a very long time). I'd just like to use PokeGen to view the Trainer Card on my SAV files. That would be faster than loading each them in DeSmuME.
  12. MicroChip

    Trainer Card

    In a future release of PokeGen can you add a Trainer Card to the Tools menu? I have so many save files now I have to open them to figure out where in the game the save is from. All I really need to know to tell them apart is the play time. I have no interest in editing any of this information but editing money was a popular code back during the first three generation Pokemon games.
  13. PokeGen Version: 3.1.9 Save Device: NDS Adaptor Plus 3.01 Game Version: English Back in the day I did some hacking and programming for the first 3 generations of Pokemon games. My first test with any new program version was to open/save the file without making any changes which should result in identical save files. I did this test with the latest version of PokeGen and here are the results: (In all of these examples, PokeGen did correctly adjust the checksum for the changes it made) Diamond/Pearl A902 - byte changed from 00 to 01 AA06 - byte changed from 00 to 02 B376 - byte changed f
  14. A long time ago I used to hack codes and develop tools for the first three generations of Pokémon games under the name GSAttack (GameShark Attack). Since I noticed a number of players still showing interest in these games on this forum I thought I would post a couple of things here. There are 2 .PDF documents containing all the information needed to create your own codes for Pokémon R/B/Y/G/S/C. The second document was never completed and I am still looking for the materials I used to create them so I can finish it. There is also a .ZIP file containing a IPS patch for Pokémon Yellow that wil
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