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  1. Woot, found a working DL for Trashbytes.exe, Ive been looking for this so i can make my Fackvents look as legit as possible
  2. You just cant go wrong with eevee, no matter what your favriote type is probs eevee will be able to evolve into it.
  3. I have the ablitiy to clone and trade event pokemon. PM me your friend code and il add you.
  4. This would be something I would DL. If you dont want to go though the hassle of the app store or google play you could just upload the .apk file.
  5. Hey could i have help creating the trash bytes for this pokemon? Roxanne Geodude..pkm
  6. More Pokemon Abandonment every day! When you release a Poke do you ever wonder where it goes? Ill tell you. Your character leaves it on a sidewalk. When we find it its crying out for you. So is an odd color more important then the millions of Baby Pokemon that are normal. that you leave crying on the sidewalk if you responded yes. GET OUT OR IL HAVE A MEWTWO BLOW YOU HEAD CLEAN OFF! We have tons of skittys and mews that weren't "shiny". If you cast a pokemon out because you have stronger Pokemon and that little caterpie isn't good enough. You are a horrible trainer and do not deserve pokemon.
  7. wertercatt


    Hey Charsh. I`m new 2. Wanna be friends?
  8. Hey I`m Wertercatt. Wertcatt on Pokecheck and a hack collector. I own a hacked up pearl from Gamestop, Pkmn Sapphire, Heartgold, soulsilver, and Black/white/black2/white2.
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