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  1. Ahhh! So it is! I'd checked over the property list multiple times looking for something else that could have been the "level" property, and clearly missed this one, my bad... Will edit the OP now.
  2. EDIT2: Turns out I'd missed an option as per the post below: Original post of mine preserved below. but is no longer relevant: Good evening, I've been doing some messing about with a gen3 save file of mine, I ended up wanting to import a bunch of .pkm files into my save, and make them all level a specific level. I attempted to use the batch editor (see Batch-Editor-Conditions.png for the parameter used) to make all the .pkm files a specific level (e.g: Level 5), the batch job finishes with the usual "Modified Files" notification
  3. I believe this is the wrong thread for this sort of question, this should probably be asked in the PKHeX thread.
  4. Look, if you can't get your AV to stop bitching about the program, disable your internet connection (so you have no viruses coming in from the big bad internet if your firewall fails) and then disable your AV to use pokégen, I used to do this for pokésav back in the day so just deal with it, as this program saves you a massive amount of work and not one other person (including myself) has contracted any sort of virus from this software, and warnings are what we refer to as "false positives" (in-case you weren't familiar with the term), a false positive, as the name would imply, is something wh
  5. It's all cool man, thanks so much for using your own spare time to do this for people, I'm not sure how often people tell you this, but I really appreciate it.
  6. Ok, thanks so much for reply! Glad it's not me being derpy as bidoof. EDIT: By the way, after making this post, I tried an old version of pokégen I had lying around (PokeGen 3.0b21), unfortunately that had the same issue with large codes (only the file size was slightly smaller as that put all the pokémon in one code, rather than separate codes as with later versions of pokégen, therefore the old version had slightly less formatting in the file.)
  7. First of all, sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere. Question: Why does the code generator generate such large codes for 4th gen games compared with 5th gen codes, or pokesav generated codes? (for me at least) Information: - Trying to generate the codes for diamond/pearl, and I have tried the other 4th gen games to check the file sizes, and get the same sizes. - The size of the .xml file for 12 pokémon from pokégen in 4th gen is 33 kb. - The size of the .xml file for 12 pokémon from pokesav in 4th gen is 9 kb. - The size of the .xml file for 12 pokémon from pokégen in 5th gen is 8 k
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