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  1. Hi I trying to get hacked Pokémon from pokegen into my Pokémon bank. I am use usb adaptor plus. I can get the Pokémon into Pokémon black but I cannot add them to my Pokémon bank please help me regard darren Carew
  2. Hi All I cannot get my Pokémon from pkhex onto my game. I am doing very thing on you tube video said about make Pokémon on pkhex them I add the files to my SD card them I put it back into my Nintendo 3ds xl and go into the Pokémon y game them Internet browser them go into URL and put in loadcode.projectpokemon.org but I do not get my Pokémon. Frist my ver is 10.7.0-32 E is there any way for me to get my Pokémon or is there any time in future so that people like me can Pokémon there make in the past into Pokémon game. I use to you pokemon check to get my legal pokemon but know that I found p
  3. Sorry my pokemon selector is still not working and I try leve my Nintendo Dsi off but it still come up with this message Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/eshryock/public_html/pokegts.us/pkmbw.php on line 315 Please help me
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