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  1. Some more research yields: Primary Map Header 9 bytes long. 25 02 01 c5 4e 10 3d 00 01 (Golden Rod Overworld @ 0x094763) 25 ROM Bank with Secondary Header 02 Tileset 01 Sprite Set c5 4e Pointer to Secondary Header 10 Area Name 3d Music Track 00 Does Pokegear have reception? 00 = No, 10 = Yes Time of Day? 00 = Realtime, 01 = Always Day, etc. 01 Fishing Index
  2. I am playing around with my pokemon silver's rom (US). I am using G2Map to open the map, and frhed as my hex editor. I will reference this probably a lot: https://hax.iimarck.us/files/scriptingcodes_eng.htm I have read a bit on how event scripting works, but am still trying to wrap my head around all of it. I am looking at the goldenrod map, and have been toying with the warp script, but I am unsure of what is happening. G2Map says the warp script is at 0x122482. and Currently G2Map says the Target Point is 1, Target Bank is D, and Target Map is B. This post was edited Heavily do to the fact I was pretty confused... So at ROM Location 0x122482, is the warp info for the Goldenrod Pokemon Center. The warp info is 5 bytes long. After some testing I found that they are arranged in this order: [YY][XX][DW][MB][DM] YY = Warp Tile's Y Coordinate XX = Warp Tile's X Coordinate DW = Destination Warp Number MB = Destination Map Bank DM = Destination Map This info is all editedable by G2Map. :^|
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