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  1. can my username be changed to lazyMoogle . thanks
  2. but when not registered in tournament this can be useful
  3. lazyMoogle


    i have suggestion on improving the Poke Gen . once we put any pokemon in Battle box then we cant edit its stats. In Palpad once we regester an friend and meet him in Wifi room the we cant change his position in Palpad. so i hope any new update to PokeGen would have this covered
  4. I dont know if its easy or not but including poke earth in this would be helpfull...just a suggestion.
  5. the c gear editor isnt working for the font is all scrambled...................... pls help me with this
  6. Codr , i love your pokegen but it jugt helps to edit Pokemon it doesn't help to edit the whole game like editing the items and creating events . i would like to tell u that u could improve pokegen by making it a whole pokemon game editor by helping to create legal items. pokesav cant create legal event items like Liberty pass. so i think that u would take my suggestion :smile:
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