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  1. Well do you mind me asking you if this is safe to use on a retail us Black verson?
  2. I was wonering if someone could make an action replay code for US Black verson. One for a Riolu egg and one for an Eevee egg.
  3. I think its two long, what could I do about that?
  4. Im useing a US Black verson, I dont have another Ds so cant relocate pokemon and all my 4th gen games are Japanese anyway.
  5. Thank you for the files. And um sorry im kinda new here.
  6. Ok so Ive got a Jp copy of Soulsilver and a US copy of black verson, so the relocater and poke tranfer machne wont work for me. I was wanting to know if someone could help by leting me send them six of my 4th gen pkm to them and then send them back to my black verson. this would be greatly appreciated, pm me.
  7. Hello I was wondering if anyone could send me a movie Celebii and a crown beast so that I could activate the two events in my US black verson. pm me
  8. Ok s the thing is Ive got a Jp Soulsilver with certain pokemon on it I want in my Black verson. My Black verson is a us game so when i tryed the relocater or poketransfer they didnt work. I was wondering if a trustworthy person wouldnt mind helping me by letting me trade six pokemon from my JP soulsilver to them, transfer them to there 5th gen game, and then trade them to me. This would be greatly appreciated. Pm me if you want to help.
  9. Is there a good ar code for US black verson that activates the Victine event? and will it get you blocked on PGL?
  10. Ok So Im trying to use my Action replay Dsi with my pokemon Black to activate the victini event, but it just keeps freezing when I try to bo the game. anyway around this? I already updated it.
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