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  1. Why can't I battle the third gym leader, I go to prime pier and nothing happens, cherrin never walks out of the gym and when I go inside the guy just says to go to the pier, this always happens, how do I make this stop happening
  2. There is a code for shaking grass its in the Action Replay Codes document that came with the downloads of the game
  3. not to my knowledge, because the game codes are different
  4. also is there anyone who I can contact by like E-mail for help because I can't play without getting past this gym leader and its kind of annoying
  5. Ya I walk into the gym and it says go to prime peir and he's not there please help me out I really want to play on but I cannot
  6. um... sorry but the bug gym leader, ya I can't find him he's not @ prime pier
  7. Um what's the master code for this game and by this game I mean both Blaze Black and Volt White
  8. Another question, I want cheats but I can't find any usrcheat files for pokemon black can you help me cuz I'm playing it on supercard 2 and thats how you get cheats, I just want shaking grass more often
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