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  1. Hi people. I do not know how to convert 2nd gen Bulbasaur into shiny on PKHex and pass the legal test. It will be awesome if anyone teach me how to do it. Otherwise, please help me make my Bulba into shiny with Fury Cutter. 001_-_Bulbasaur_-_7138FBDBF4A6.pk8
  2. As I only playing 4th gen. If there is still a link to 4th gen Pokegen will be greatly appreciated!
  3. Haha. Oh well true it is. Thanks Bond and Danny. I just abide to which Pokemon that are not meant to be shiny.
  4. Yeah. In theory. Though I would like to see proof of it. But I guess it is hard to find out the answer for a data that can be fabricated. Anyway that person who wanted to give that 'someone' shiny don't know his stuff so trade cancelled.
  5. Ha yeah. Even so they still ban it so pretty much this shiny Jirachi is for show and only able at most use it to battle against Pal Pad friends. Lol what is the chances I have that cart? So yeah it is all depends on yes or no from people point of view. Can't really agree to hackers who say yes without explanation... Yeah I shall await for more answers for this.
  6. Because of someone is offering 'someone' these. So that 'someone' asked me about this. lol. As what I heard they screwed up distribution cart. Anyway if more people say it is impossible (actually since Nintendo bans shiny Celebi and Jirachi for all 3rd gen events which should be final), I shall confirm they cannot be shiny. I just like to know whether they are possible to be shiny, as in certain natures. I do have doubt 10Aniv and Channel can be shiny but I seen shiny 10Aniv Pokemon for download. that makes me think maybe it can be 'legally' gotten.
  7. I would like to know which 10 Aniv Celebi and Channel Jirachi natures can be shiny. I know Nintendo ban shiny for these 3rd gen event but they also screwed up the distribution cart. Just want to know which nature for shinies are 'legal'. Thanks~
  8. nevermind. solved by updating the irgts.
  9. Not sure it is due to the computer's OS system. I got this new computer yesterday, install the python version 2.7.1 and shift the ir gts folder to this new com. the dns server it prompted me to type is, which is in Ds lite this dns server cannot be registered. is there something i need to adjust the settings in my computer? my old com (i already traded in) was working though. OS is windows XP. ir gts prompted me to type the dns server the same as my wireless box ip address. does this old school ir gts works for windows 7? if not i must as well removed it.
  10. hey i want this 3rd gen event Pokemon Center Japanese Bellsprout. but it is so rare so i guess it will be nice someone help me make this please. in PKM file please. if someone has the original pokemon, i am fine with anything. if not i am ok with this request of making one instead. send me by private message will do! thank you very much for helping me.
  11. thanks alot ILOVEPIE. though i no need to have their ivs change. i tried to convert them into shiny myself. i noticed that if i done so on jap, the legit checker treated it as nicknamed pokemon which it isn't. secret id also changed though. i guess i can only use it for myself.
  12. Banned AEROJAY for being too active in posting here.
  13. All rotom forms. more dungeons, but not so many hard ones like destiny tower. i quiver by the looks of it. i like different missions. maybe saving 'common' legendaries will be cool. Also an item to increase accuracy will be awesome too! Oh yes, i prefer the hunger meter for ghost/darkrai(i think) don't go down as fast as normal pokemon using the mobile scarf (i think), when going through walls. since my team has pokemon that able to phase through walls without getting hungry fast, it should be the same as for the leader.
  14. i heard it is possible to convert normal pokemon into shiny. make these pokemon into shiny in pkm file please. SHAYMIN..pkm PARUKIA..pkm
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