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  1. I couldn't release the AES key even if I wanted to. I don't have it. We're using a 3DS custom firmware on 4.X 3DSes to do the ram editing. No we'll never release this custom firmware.
  2. The current problem is that save file encryption uses an RSA key which is 0'd at at FIRM launch. To recover the information needed to actually decrypt these saves we need: a 6.0+ exploit, a hardware ram dumper, or a dump of the bootrom. Right now we have none of these and there's no promises we'll get any of those any time soon.
  3. There appears to be a problem with Generation 4 PalPark TrashBytes in the OT Name field. http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=1738532 Pokecheck wants a terminating \FFFF but the game didn't write it for this Pokemon. I believe this was the first Pokemon I picked up. http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=1738658 this is the same Pokemon but selected and picked up 3rd this time. This only happens while I use Pokegen to impoort the pkmn file from an extracted save file. I'm not sure if it's a Pokegen bug or if the GTS normally will fix it automatically.
  4. Looking at the game's code it's actually possible for the Mandibuzz/Braviary encounters to be shiny.
  5. I am incredibly impressed by this. It looks really great.
  6. The thing is the Lavatar egg it was from here doesn't have the same issue http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=1117725 so I guess Poketransfer changed the hatched date. I have a copy of the Tyranitar too somewhere so I'll probably just transfer it over again with my date set correctly. On a different note I'm having an issue registering my Heart Gold. I had no issue registering any of my other games including Soul Silver and can deposit the Pokemon in the game I just can't register save.
  7. This pokemon http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=1115497 is getting "Invalid egg receive date." My best guess is because the time on my DS when I Poketransfered the egg to black my clock was a few weeks before the time I RNG'd (and then hatched) the egg. It shows Jan 31, 2012 for egg received and Jan 21, 2012 for Hatched/Met. Does the Hatched time change when you transfer over the Pokemon?
  8. Out of curiosity I thought I'd check out my pokemon and I'm getting "Default strain (might be from hacked pokérus)" for my pokemon when I know I obtained it legitimately. My username on the site is slash. I got pokerus randomly on Black from some wild pokemon which I killed and have spread it to all my other pokemon. I also find it odd that I get told "Pokémon is likely edited or RNG abused." when I RNG abused other pokemon and didn't get that message.
  9. He did mention he used smallftpd (google it) to test it. I tried that server and it worked just fine for me. I actually got my 3in1 (256M V2) back early and now I can't manage to back up my black save game (it worked on heart gold before and it won't work on that now either). After I tried backing up the the 3in1 it wrote just fine but when I reloaded the program it didn't detect that there was a save on my 3in1.
  10. Using version 0.2.3 on my EZ-Flash V attempting WiFi->FTP mode. No matter what server I choose (local one I set up or one on my website) it just keeps saying "connectconnectconnectconnect" until I finally get an error saying "ERROR: FTP server missing". Whenever I try to connect to either my local account or the account on my server it works just fine on my PC. 3in1 mode was working on my AK2i though I won't have either of those back for over a week. It's not a huge deal if this can't get figured out but I would like to make a backup of my pokemon black save file ASAP and I wouldn't mind being able to back up with my 3DS so I don't have to dig out my DSL and 3in1 just to make a save backup.
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