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  1. I solved the issue on my own you can only put 7 Characters not 8 like PokeGen says you can.
  2. I am currently trying to run an event distribution for an online group among my friends, and I want the Pokemon to have a different OT than my own. However, when I generate the Pokemon in Gen 4 or Gen 5 (I'm planning on transferring them to Gen 6 before trading) the OT is always blank. I've tried every method I can to get the OT name to stay imputed and work, but every time it's always blank. I'm using 3.1.13 PokeGen. Does anyone know a way around this, or what I'm possibly doing wrong?
  3. Does anyone know an action replay code for all the Battle Subway Trophies and Pokedex Certificates for your bedroom? I used the code for completed Battle Subway and now I can't get the trophies anymore. I need a WORKING code for them that won't ruin my game/steal my existing awards.
  4. I'd like an AR code for this pokemon for Pokemon White please. Pokemon: Reshiram Held Item: Charcoal Level: 42 Ability: Turboblaze Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT): N Shiny (Yes or No): No Egg (Yes or No): No Nature: Lonely Attacks: Fusion Flare, DragonBreath, Slash, Flamethrower PP (max or normal): Max Pokérus Status: No Status Pokéball Captured In: Timer Ball Battle Stats: Normal for a lv. 42 IV Stats: Normal for a lv. 42 EV Stats: Normal for a lv.42 Location/Date Met: Dragonspiral Tower Level Met At: 40 Happiness: Max Contest Stats: (Don't care) Party slot 1-6 or Storage box 1-18, slot 1-30 (required for AR code): Party Slot 1 For what game (required for AR code): Pokemon White Is this info enough/makable?
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