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  1. Lol, just found that out On this forum for an online pokemon game, you aren't able to delete double posts. Thought it might be the same here. I've been searching for a items delete code, or an all item code that gives you all the items x900 and deletes everything else in your item bag. I would have used the item code that comes with the game, but it gives x900 Liberty Pass also and kinda I don't want that. Also, a different code, for all tms, gave me 21 tms in my items bad and I want them deleted?? Is there a code like that??
  2. I'm pretty sure I said I tried that and couldn't figure it out. Thanks again so much. It's ok. I'll get the Gracidea from my event shaymin. Thank you ^^
  3. Wait, really?? You made that?? Oh man thanks, I can't stress how thankful I am. And thanks again so much for offering to make another code. All I really need is the Bicycle, Super Rod, Dowsing MCHN, Town Map, Vs. Recorder, Pal Pad, Gracidea, Liberty Pass, Lock Capsule, Prop Caseand the Xtranceiver, the one that is the color for Pokemon Black, apparently there's two Again, thank you so much.
  4. Hey, is there a code that you can use to deleted certain items AND key items by holding/pressing R or another button. Can you please send me a message with it if you have one.
  5. I tried it, as I said in my first post, I can't work it. Thanks alot ^^ And yeah, I know. I'm kind of confused about that. Btw, is there a code that allows you to delete a key item by pressing R or something. I have some key items form the code that won't get thrown away.
  6. I've been searching for about a week now but I can't find an all key items for pokemon black. I used an all tm/hm code but it deleted all of my key items and replaced it with tms. Can someone please, please, please help me find the code or make it for me?? I tried it with pokesav, but I'm not good with it when i tried to convert it to a code, I couldn't figure it out >.< Thank you in advance. :smile::smile::wink::wink:
  7. Hey, I'm new here and I've search every HG/SS thread and read through all pages but I couldn't find a MAX IV code for them. I don't mean a code that makes all of the IV's maxed because then everyone can tell it's hacked. Can some find/make me the codes to make each IV to it's max individually by marking it in the box. Thank you very much, in advance and have a nice day =]
  8. The Heatran code seems to work perfectly for me every time, but none of the Dialga codes work. I tried the original, the fixed, and the second fixed one and they all don't work. Mind fixing it up or telling me the problem?? I have the nat dex, beat the elite four, battled it already, and possibly anything else needed. Also, the Shaymin code does not work for me.
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