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  1. WooHoo~ It works~ Yay! Sweet, now to order the action replay X3 Thanks for the help =D
  2. "ID : To find the id,view in PokeGen one of your pokemons you caught in-game LEGITLY ,and copy/paste the IDs here." Okay, that is one feature I do not yet understand. How do I export pokemon from the game? As for the English version of the rom, I'll look for it. That will be a better testing bed for the codes, as at least then the codes would be the same =D Thanks for the reply
  3. Hello, First I'll list my question, and then I'll explain why the question matters to me. 1. Are all pokemon created for the patched rom of the Pokemon Black(J) doomed to be considered traded pokemon? I have located and entered the ID, SID, and my Name, and yet they still register as traded pokemon (bonus xp, won;t obey past level 10, ect) Are these the only fields that matter for determining whether a pokemon is traded? (Tried messing with the region settings as well, didn't seem to help). After exhausting my options, I have chosen to come here and ask, Is this a bug with the beta version of the program? Or, is it a byproduct of the patching of the rom that somehow confuses the trainer name? Now for the whys... Why am I using a rom? Well, I grew impatient waiting for my game to arrive, so decided to mess around on that. After messing around for a bit, I decided that I wanted to try and hack the game a bit, and try and play through the game with the starter pokemon of my choosing. I haven't yet ordered an Action Replay, and am hesitant to do so , as this would be the only use I'd have for it. Some of the pros with messing with Action Replay codes on a rom, is that I don't need to worry about irreparably damaging my game/ds, so I have decided to try and figure it out on here before I drop the 20 bucks to order one. I need the pokemon to appear mine for the sole reason that traded pokemon level up too fast, and refuse to obey if you don;t have enough badges. Even avoiding most fights, and heading strait to the first gym leader pushes my past level 10, and thus, into the loafing zone. This must be rectified if a custom starter pokemon is to be a viable option. If it is just an issue of the patched rom failing to equate my name with the trainer name, then thats fine. It won;t be an issue with the english version. If it is something else, something apart from an error of mine, then I must seriously reconsider getting an action replay. I don't need another paperweight Any thoughts?
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