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  1. Hi, Night Light. Thanks for the help. I only have a Nintendo folder, though, not a Switch folder, so I'm dumping it there. After convincing Win10 NOT to scan/repair the card 1st (sigh) -- I had wondered why a (mere) 200 GB sandisk flash card was taking, oh, an hour and more, to load. Crossing fingers! Did I say Thank you? Thank you again. Oops, spoke too soon. Checkpoint is not showing up? And, if I rename my Nintendo folder to Switch, the Switch simply ignores the Switch folder, creates a new Nintendo folder, populates it with the same folders it had previously, and wants to star
  2. Hi! I am a dummy, I think -- this is my 1st time trying to do a save file. Nintendo Switch . The tutorial is fine, but I need some additional info. For example: * when downloading Checkpoint from Github, which file(s) do I need for the Switch? * when putting Checkpoint onto my SD card for the Switch, *** which file(s) do I copy over? *** Do they need their own directory? does it need to be called something, like, Checkpoint? *** Is there anything special I need to worry about if I have my Sw game on cartridge vs DL file? Thanks. Sorry for su
  3. Not the Pokemon Company. I could have been dyslexic and it could have been the Pokemon Project team -- but since that's who was emailing me at that point... No, I can't find the bloody email; my free Yahoo email account seems very adept at the search function only working when desired and/or important emails I want to see disappearing. Perhaps it was a conversation via (through) the Nintendo Support team, who *did* talk to me on the phone and via Skype, several times, and even chatted with the Pokemon technical team whilst on the phone with me, and read me the chats.... Sorry I haven't bet
  4. So, the question was, how did Project Pokemon enter the conversation (email train, etc) ? I was told that the invalid mon was in one of my HOME boxes. "probably a Legendary Pokemon". I inquired if there was a way to check the validity of my Pokemon, other than simply staring at them and/or guessing, I was told, no, there was not a way to do such a check, Then, I asked, if there is no criteria to determine validity and/or check validity, how is a Pokemon determined invalid? I was told that validity was checked (but not HOW) IAW criteria laid out by Project Pokemon. End conversation
  5. Yup, I think you're right, that Pokemon tech support didn't know diddly about squat. I must've gone through every Pokemon in HOME 3 times.... and it wasn't HOME with the "issue" at all. As for the Save files, it was still trying to access the same save file of Sword, just trying to access it from different HOME profiles...
  6. Yeah, the HOME profiles, either, couldn't get to the other profile of SW, either way. That was one of Pokemon Tech Support's solutions, and supposedly confirmed a HOME issue, not a SW issue. Go figure. However, putting missingno into the Breeder did get HOME access -- both Profiles. Now, both profiles of HOME and SW can access each other. Originally -- someone asked -- I lost access to HOME about June 5th, called Nintendo on June 6th, and so forth. Got missingno via Max Raid event on May 22nd -- no idea the delay reason/loss of linkage. Then again, I honestly don't rememb
  7. Delete the glitch-mon, ASA I get home.... And to think, Pokemon had me digging thru HOME & ignoring Sw....
  8. Okay, so, I did do a raid for Berries.... but that was ... I better check the dates. Sigh. I want a Berry field, random picking is too random. So, I got berries & one of those pokeball pokemon. Would it help to Delete it? I'm on mobile, can't see dates here, but I guess that's a high probability... Greed kills, I guess.
  9. No, not banned. No, no backups... but at 1 point, I would delete a Pokemon, restart, try to link to Sw, rinse n repeat. I have yanked all foreign named, odd named, mon ( like, OT GF, etx), oh & OT non-Eng (in case of untranslated expletives) & now am at a loss. I can access w a new profile HOME & to a new Sw game ... Oh, eShop was processing an update while I was trying to video...
  10. Hi. I need help, desperately. I have a Pokemon HOME on a Switch with Sword. Pokemon HOME is blocked from accessing Sword. I have contacted Nintendo and Pokemon; Nintendo simply referred me up. Pokemon Technical Support tells me that there is a Pokemon, one single Pokemon, of the 1,271 Pokemon I moved through Pokemon Bank to Pokemon HOME, which is "invalid". But, they don't know which Pokemon it is. So, I have dumped every Pokemon that appears to have been hacked, and probably some perfectly good ones, too, which happened to have had reasonably decent stats, but I can't ID this
  11. Hi, everyone! It's been, oh, 7 or 10 years since I posted to this forum, so I thought a "re-introduction" might be in order. For emphasis, I am apparently the worst of the total NOOBs (what does that mean, anyway? -- see, I told you) I read through the last 2 months' worth of Introductory posts, which were actually pretty helpful in general, and followed the instructions and information on those, then.... well, I stopped because I realized that, quite frankly, I'm an utter and complete *idiot* (compared to most of you lot here, at least ). And, as I stubbornly browsed throu
  12. Personally, as a *working adult and parent* who is still a Pokemon fan, I *agree* that not being able to make up for the time it takes to "legitimately" capture/breed and raise up fight-worthy "legal" Pokemon will make it impossible for me to compete in contests. How can one compare the effort required when one has, maybe, a whole *hour* a day to "waste" on the leisure of a video game -- and compare that to the time required to raise up good fighting Pokemon *manually*? I have heard of individuals playing/working on decent Pokemon for 16-20 hrs per day... a luxury I don't have, if I want to
  13. Hi. I doubt this helps, but I have a Pokemon w a removed illegal move whose legality can be checked -- an Umbreon I have had for years who in Emerald was taught Crunch. I un-taught it Crunch & re-taught it Bite in Pokemon Pearl, and have successfully used it online in battles -- though I think I lost the battle, but that's not affected by the unlearned illegal move. Oh, and I had to use a move code to re-teach Bite... I think. I can produce this Pokemon, it's in Black (not Black2, just Black), if anyone would like to take a legitimacy tester to it. (I still don't know why Umbreon doesn'
  14. Am obviously new here (well, duh, right?) I am a kid who never got to play when I was a kid. I *legally* breed Eevees and specialized Vulpix/Ninetales for trade -> Eevees with Shadow Ball/Dig/Facade/Bite and going for "stable" natures; Vulpix with Energy Ball/Faint Attack/Extrasensory/Flamthrower. But this is not an advertisement, so I apologize for digression. I use a cheater mostly to make up for time lost having to work to pay bills :redface: It's a headache, working, blech. But, a little extra HP, faster egg hatches, and I can make up lost time okay. Major problem, missed the Rai
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