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  1. Oh, awesome! I didn't know anyone actually used that thing. It's a bit of a mish-mash because halfway through, I started using Construct. I also used it to teach myself Python, so I'd really appreciate any feedback. @Kaphotics The PID doesn't necessarily have to match the ability. It just means it's "illegal". The game will still recognize it, but it's up to the author to ensure the proper ability is given if they're aiming for legality.
  2. Logs for gen 5 GTS deposit. _REQUEST_SUMMARY.txt has a summary of what I did at the top along with all of the GET data. The individual pages are the responses from the server. Sorry for the shitty format, but the logger I use doesn't support exporting logs (lolmac). depositlogs.zip
  3. All the necessary information is here, all that needs to happen is for someone to modify HyperGTS or IR-GTS. It might not be able to deposit Pokémon (maxg is providing us with some information on the deposit data) but at least it can send them out.
  4. Nothing to see here, move along. Pick up that can, citizen.
  5. Thanks to maxg for confirming this: the game IDs for B/W are not what Grovyle said, they're actually reversed: Black is 0x15, White is 0x14.
  6. Alright, so I've got some comments related to the GTS data at the end of the data that the server sends to the DS. Apparently Grovyle91 was partially correct: the first 220 bytes are the Pokémon data, the next 16 bytes are \x00, and then starts the unencrypted GTS data (which is 60 bytes). Now it does send the secret ID just like he said, and the trainer name is now located where he said, but I believe there are an additional two bytes at the end. My Zorua had \x08\x00 but I'm going to try some other deposits to see what they give. Anyone have any idea what it could be?
  7. Thanks for testing it out. It's nice because it doesn't kick you back off afterwards like the gen 4 one used to do for some games.
  8. I modded my GTS so that any B/W request will get hard-coded hashes and a Zorua sent to it. You can try it out by setting your DS's DNS to and connecting to the GTS. You should get a Zorua, but it will say that you got the last Pokémon in your party (or an egg if that slot is empty). Go to your party/box and it will be Zorua.
  9. Some additional hashes. Additionally, all 01 00 responses were signed with the same hash that nicholas got, and worldexchange/search.asp returns a 01 00 + hash response for no results (as opposed to nothing in gen 4).
  10. It's a retail cart, I can't. That's why I assumed you wanted the deposit data. My apologies.
  11. This is the data sent when a user deposits a Pokémon. Created from this base64 urlsafe string: (deleted) I had to remove the last C to decode it properly; nicholas, I think the string you posted was cut off in IRC, so I didn't get the full thing. Could you post the string in this thread? It's little endian like everything else. It looks like the GTS Pokémon data starts at 0xF8 (National Dex ID, gender, level, requested Pokémon data; pretty much the same as what's specified here with Grovyle's offsets). I believe the actual Pokémon data is encrypted, though. What's odd is that it's ~345 bytes, which is much larger than the data sent in gen 4.
  12. I'm getting B/W connections for pokemondpds/web/enc/lobby/checkProfile.asp in addition to the expected syachi2ds/web/*.asp requests, does anyone know what this could be used for?
  13. Items here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_items_by_index_number_(DS) Moves here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_moves Locations haven't been released yet.
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