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  1. sorry, i don't understand that, I would need a beginner guide >.< I nkow a bit about hex binary and decimals when I learned to manually change PID's and ID's to get shiny Pokemon. But I can't really follow what's going on in post 3
  2. thanks for the reply! could you perhaps also explain how to turn this information into an action replay code?
  3. 0x2A - Occupant Sprite (overworld) In general, via this sheet order. occupant stats 0x2C - Restriction for Recruitment (based on level) Is there then no way to get the later sprites? I notices that it goes from 0x2A to 0x2C, does that mean the other sprites work with 0x2B maybe? I really have no clue how it works but I'm just asking to be sure. Shouldn't it be possible to use any sprite the game uses?
  4. Can someone maybe explain how to create a code from this information? I'm kind of a noob with this, I don't know how to actually create action replay codes from this information. I want to change the sprites of the people in the stands and assistants. EDIT: Also, I tried doing this with PikaEdit, but you can only use the first 255 sprites there, and most of what I want are higher in the sprite sheet, how does it work with the codes? Can you make codes for beyong the initial 255 sprites?
  5. You don't need to beat the game to access all 24 boxes. All you need is to have at least one in each box. If you are working in the boxes while spreading your Pokemon over different boxes you won't see them untill you reboot the PC. If you want to get the boxes from catching wild Pokemon all boxes you have must be full.
  6. I read that that was just a rumor and the no shiny flag was still on them even there, I never tested it though so I don't know:p
  7. Can you tell me how to create codes with PokeGen? I know how PokeGen works but I dont see the option of creating codes. I use the beta 24 version, I think that's the latest, EDIT:Never mind found it! Second EDIT: Can you just cut the code at a random place to split it or do you need to do it somewhere specific?
  8. Oh it saysy it's 0C for starters there in platinum too? How come my infernape from platinum shows 18 then in the 85h? Thanks for that link by the way, I didn't even know someone made something like that!
  9. 1. No, if you use the code after getting your ID you will get the same error code as before getting your ID. 2. The only other way is with the cheat code, which creates the error. I'm not aware of any cheats that fill your dex and avoid this error. 3. Yes you can definitly use different save files since they count as different games. Just give them a different name on your flashcard (you also need to have the ROM twice on your flashcard I think, unless you want to change the name all the time)
  10. I send them in battle and tried beating the other Pokemon and catching it. My own Pokemon doesn't get registered.
  11. I got a question about the hidden hex values, in platinum 85h is 18 for starters and 0C for diamond and pearl. What is the 85h for starters in hg and ss? And 07 is caught in water, does that count for both fishing and surfing?
  12. Possibly Fixed Complete Pokedex [select] TESTING NEEDED! <- sadly it doesn't work edit: tested white by the way
  13. Does anyone know the answer to my previous question and also, why do I get the error message after i catch a pokemon, when i scroll up in the pokedex
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