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  1. Kaarosu, did you found a way to edti the logos already? ...I sent you themore professional logos I made back then before V5 came out ...we're in V7 now...Still, Im glad that this thing is still going. As I said, Im not going to play the official english versions because of the name stuff
  2. Yes. I know, we'll use the one on the Left. But I dont think these will be on V5, Maybe on an unofficial V6, since we need the help of Poryhack to add them to the game, since Im only a designer, and the translation team didn't knew how to edit the title screen.
  3. I already showed this on IRC, but I'd like to request a change in the current logo to something more professional and official looking like: New logos by me on the left and middle, current one in the right. I know its a minor detail, but Its nice to look at the title screen sometimes :3
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