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  1. Hi everyone! Sorry, just one more question about the Kaphotics tweets from PC Invitational. He mentioned being able to trace a Pokémon back to its initial RNG seed. How would one go about doing that, and with what programs? Here is the tweet for reference:
  2. Hi everyone! In Kaphotics’ tweet regarding Wolfe’s PC Invitational team, he cited trash bytes as an indicator of hacking on the Incineroar. How did he access the screen he did to see/edit trash bytes in Pkhex? Tweet below for reference:
  3. Hi everyone! I'm hack checking a pokemon that I obtained recently, and the OT memory is " [mon] became [OT's] friend when it came through Link Trade in a large town. The Pokémon remembers that it got lighthearted." PkHex said this was legal, but I noticed the specific wording implies the pokemon first met this trainer through link trading, when it is referencing the OT and has data from being hatched by that OT. Is this legal/possible to get? Thank you for any thoughts or experience you have on this!
  4. I know in older generations certain IV combinations were impossible, so they either had to breed for a pokemon or settle for IVs (one example being Colosseum/Gale of Darkness). I received an event Coalossal, the Wolfe one, and it had 31/0/31/31/31/31 for IVs. I was just wondering if this was physically possible. I'm not too worried if it's a hack as long as it's theoretically something someone could do in a Gen VIII Mystery Gift. I know we can't RNG Gen VIII Mystery Gifts yet, which had me initially curious. Thank you in advance for your time!
  5. Thank you again so much for the reply - I deeply appreciate it! The screenshot was so helpful because I knew it had to be there but I was just looking in the wrong places. Knowing full well you likely have many other things to do, it doesn't get said enough the appreciation given both the thorough answers and also how timely you responded (don't worry, I won't feel entitled to that quick of a reply all the time and will consider myself lucky here). Have a good day!
  6. Hello again! Firstly, thank you for your help yesterday, I really appreciated it. If I wanted to rip .bin files of rental teams such as the ones above, how do I do that within PkHex? I imagine the first step is getting the rental team desired saved to the save file of my game, but I wasn't sure how to take that and make it a .bin or view it from there. Sorry if this is in a guide somewhere - I tried to look before asking!
  7. Hello! Sorry to revive this old thread. I just had a quick question that I think was asked already but it might have gotten buried before we got an answer - but hopefully now so much time has passed we know more about HOME Trackers. 1. In the event that a pokemon obtains a HOME tracker, is cloned in Gen VIII pkhex, and then both are uploaded to HOME, what happens? 2. In the event that a pokemon obtains a HOME tracker, is cloned in Gen VIII pkhex, and then the two are uploaded to different HOME accounts (such as trading one away), what happens? Thank you!
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