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  1. i have an acekard with akaio 1.8. will i have to patch in the exp fix myself or will the card take care of it
  2. im curious. i know u guys r using vboys translation, so r a few people on the team focusing on their own respective towns or city and them merging them together? or r u guys just translating as u go. i would really love to help but alas i have no internet (using my dsi browser now)
  3. sorry just wanted to give u the option. im not sure if the gts is still buggy but again u could just use that maybe
  4. well it would be easier just to use an action replay or something to get the desired pokemon. or maybe get it off the gts
  5. ive got a problem. it seems my game does that thing where the fight option disappears in battle from time to time. at first it was random but then it began to do it at fixed intervals. first it was 5 battles, then 4, then 3, now 2. i can only battle 2 times before u does that disappear thing and i have to reset the game. regardless of the problem im currently at dragon spiral tower and when the 4 plama grunts ambush u. thing is i cant get past this part cuz the glitch will start happening after the 2nd fight. idk wat to stop from doing it. im running on black v3 on no$gba and was wondering if anyone has a solution. cuz im baffled on why it does this
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