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  1. What firmware are you currently using? Is your R4 the original R4DS or is it a clone? If you're not using Wood R4 1.15, then download it here http://filetrip.net/f22028-Wood-R4-1-15.html
  2. Oh noes! inb4massWTFspam Hopefully you can get your DS back up and running Excellent job guys
  3. It's too late if I see the toddler. I 1. Beat someone 2. It walks me to the PC to heal my Pokemon 3. It asks me do I want to continue or rest 4. My character walks to the next car of the train. There, you see the next person you're about to battle. It's too late to leave. If that trainer happens to be the kid, then the game will freeze. There's no way of getting past that
  4. Is there a remedy for the incredibly annoying and frustrating Battle Subway freeze? Someone a few posts ahead of me said it has something to do with the names. Will it work without freezing if I change the language to Kanji before going to the Subway? I'm lucky so far, with 28 wins in the Super Single Line. I don't want to keep going and have it freeze on me
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