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  1. Honestly I think you did a great job. However, my preference is with the old style logos (black and white, not blue and yellow) You did amazing, it's just my preference to have the old way.
  2. Yep drag it right on there. That's it. You'll see the patched file get made within a minute or less.
  3. Basically anything that can run Wood (Acecard, R4, R4SDHC) are really known to work well, as wood is very compatible. There are others known to work, though I know personally that Mood works really well for me. Hope that helps, and maybe someone will suggest any other cards they have found working so it's not bias to only my view.
  4. Anyone using R4SDHC like me, use this. It works great! http://gbatemp.net/t255489-pokemon-white-black-fully-functional-tutorial
  5. First page the patch is on. It's in the same files as the logos. Called New-Kata, and stuff like that.
  6. Seeing as most people run wood on their cards (Acecard's software) U'd really hope that it'd work for you
  7. For those having trouble this solved my issue (and I'm told it works on several cards with wood that fail). Of course you don't need to use everything but change the saves like it says (and make a save with the emulator) http://gbatemp.net/t255489-pokemon-white-black-fully-functional-tutorial Basically, you switch the save game size, if the game launches, you can follow the rest of it to make the game save correctly. Good luck!
  8. Patch.exe is the anti piracy, the english patch isn't n patch.exe, it's on the first page also.
  9. I'm patiently waiting for it's release. Compiling dolphin to hold me over, and puttin this gamecube/wii game reading DVD drive to work! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
  10. Actually I think it's sorta there as a joke. I believe that was already established, though I could be wrong
  11. Please tell us which version you are using when reporting problems, also how you are running the game (R4, supercard, ect.. or what emulator). It allows us to help you faster
  12. That's the plan, no guarantees from me though. I'm not working on this really, I just follow the thread, and offer my knowledge to anyone asking a question.
  13. http://www.mediafire.com/?bgu2a3tcs99qx Right from the front page. You choose the logo, and the rest goes with, but you may wish to wait for tomorrow for the expected release of V5
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