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  1. Maybe I did not explain myself properly. I don't have any complaints or anything like that. I'm just saying that the line "(vgboy) Complete Story...Thanks" gives the impression that the whole story has been inserted into the game. That's at least how I understood it. I just suggested to clarify to which part there is English translation in game.
  2. So I updated to V4 from V3. There's a little misunderstanding here I think. On the V4 change log is says "(vgboy) Complete Story...Thanks". But not the whole file has been inserted into the game. I'm at the 2nd gym and pretty much nothing there is translated (I just tried talking to cheren & N which should be translated by the file). So I think you may need to clarify where the story translation ends. You got me confused atleast.
  3. Well you have a point. But they are not just doing CTRL+C and then CTRL+V. There is some editing even if its minor. It still gonna be a long process. Therefore I just want to know if V4 will include the whole story.
  4. Quick question to you good people. The next version is going to be released, when you finished translating the whole story? Or is it going to be in parts. By parts I mean like: V4 is going to be till the 3rd gym, V5 to the 6th gym and etc (just examples. Not implying to the order of things or anything).
  5. Why cant I save in no$gba? No matter what button I use the pink screen stays pink. I cant enter the menu.
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