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  1. Hey guys i tried to download the unofficial v5 patch once it finished dling i tried to extract and it said file is broken.....has anyone experienced this when they were dling?
  2. Wow i just skimmed through this and this is an epic find im sure the translation team will be more than happy with this....i suppose now the next patch will be the final patch gd work on findign this silent storm and thanks to all the translation guys for all thier hardwork
  3. Hey guys i don't know if this is intentional or not however when fighting a meguroko it attacked me with sand tomb and the message said 'leopardas is very trapped' and also another message popped up every now and then which didnt quite make sense 'leopardas something quarrel 2 continue to use the same move'
  4. Thats fine the file i have is the same size 262 and it works for me after applying the patch
  5. Yeah i agree with you at the rate at which translations are going the final crisp version should be out before the official Even though i would have finished the game a couple of time by then i will buy it just to add it to my collection of games
  6. the reason for this might be that the rom you are patching isnt a clean version....find a clean version and patch it and it should come up with the original rom size of 262mb
  7. Hey guys just patched to v3 its gd to know that the improvements are there bit by bit keep up the good work its appreciated
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