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  1. The changelog said that some of shippou city (third city) was translated, but i've gone through every building here and it's all in nihongo, besides nurse joy (which doesn't count). I downloaded V4 for white both old style and new. neither had it translated so maybe the wrong patch was uploaded?
  2. ok pic didnt load, but in the first gym, as you enter there is a girl behind a counter to your left who says "Lists of trainers that beat this gym are added are compiled on those statues."
  3. Hey ruinairas, I know you already said that you were limiting your distribution to 5 people for typo hunting, but I was just wondering if I could help out too. I kinda feel like a free loader.
  4. Hey great job so far! Loving the translation, I took three years of japanese in highschool so I could understand a tiny bit, but this rocks. Just have one question. I'm using desmume, and I want to know if I one of your patches, then later you release another, would i be able to export the file into a .sav, then convert that to a .dsv using a converter I found, then re patch a clean white with the new patch and continue my game? So basically, the .dsv is the save point, right?
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