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  1. Japanese support? Edit: Doesn't after all we have been through. Lets just stick to Rykin's method ok?
  2. @Rykin www.wingrep.com/ features a program to search multiple files for the same word simultaneosly, drawback:it doesnt support japanese!!:frown: Is there any other that do. then that would make this easier for all translators. Edit: Dont lol,waz just checkin the url!(oooh a rhyme):creep:
  3. Both equally at the moment,but exporting from PPTXT is the only way to do a mass search!
  4. @Rykin Do you know of some software on the net that can be used to do a mass search in multiple txt files for japanese text? Anything but Windows Grep! Reason:I couldnt find ポケルス(PokeRus) in any of the main or story section just by looking:S
  5. What do you mean? As far as i know both the move name and move learning process already are! While learning TMs that is. xxdbxx15 could you post some clips if its not?
  6. @Rykin-good afternoon eh? Did you already finish translating Cherens text after we loose to him? here are some screenshots:
  7. @thanks man its been an honor working with your crew.:kikkoman: Now its time for me to go (its Monday 4:30 here). Edit:gotta get some sleep or ill be late for college!-bye bye
  8. @Kaarosu Not rushing or anything like that but would you please merge my bulletin board message fix (0038) for v4. Edit:wow 15 members and 78 guests! Isn't that something?
  9. It appears it cant be helped via translation. Its in the game code itself. But then again anything is possible!
  10. Try again or use chrome. i think its lagging cause everyones downloading at the same time. Edit2: Hey DJ looks like we posted at the same time huh?
  11. Its 11:45 pm here but in New York its probably 2:15 pm afternoon. So it will be out tommorrow here in my timezone.
  12. Aahh, beautiful work made from everyone's contributions. Brings a tear to my eye!
  13. PLEASE DON'T GET MAD ok Rykin, these are the last i promise: Fragrant Mushroom -> FragrantMushroom(like RageCandyBar) Delivered Goods # -> DeliveredGoods# Yep they are in english now check Rykin's link.
  14. yep were all good & thanks Rykin. Aww, forgot to mention Rechargable Batt. -> Recharge Cell Edit: Its better to avoid short forms just like you said.
  15. Yes ,thats good to hear. i didn't think of that, So will ancient be replaced with old in v3?
  16. [ATTACH]5692[/ATTACH] is in my game and also these are a few corrections needed for v3/v4 (0054)as they go out of item screen Lightning Cassette -> Zap Cassette Ancient Bronze Coin -> Ancient Cu Coin Ancient Silver Coin -> Ancient Ag Coin Ancient Gold Coin ->Ancient Au Coin or something Rykin, Implement them in v3 if there is enough time ok?
  17. Velocity, just read your post and i already edited my game with Mystery blade and Lightning Edge But if youre interested here are some other combinations: 1)Mystery blade/sword/sabre/? 2)Lightning edge/bolt/slash/blast/sabre/nova/stab/storm/spire/? or Plasma edge/bolt/slash/blast/sabre/nova/stab/storm/spire/? Edit: Lightning and Thunder are both different right?. Lightning - electricity and Thunder - sound. So i would suggest to stick with lightning.
  18. idm, im doing it cause its more fun to translate than play the game -for me at least...haha i gotta go ok gn8.:grog:
  19. 38 there all done http://github.com/terravoltage/Pokemon-Black-White-Translation-Files/blob/master/0000/0038.txt ok guys im exhausted...it sunday dawn 3:35 am here and i have to go to mass 2morrow at 5 so imma gonna take a long rest, a bit tired..phew -good night..um oops morning and signing off
  20. Im have now 50% completed translating 38 but no idea what this means: The Shippuo しょうぶとちしきを たんきゅうできる はくぶつかんです lol Ill update git with what i have k. Edit: Its シッポウジムは 勝負と知識を 探求できる 博物館です in kanji:-) i think the hiragana mentions baseball and kanji mentions restaurant/meal or something. Doesn't matter, I'll try agin later. Bye for now ruin.
  21. Thanks man, it worked u r gr8:kikkoman: & ruin, i dont remember using anything named wish.exe for github purposes. Just the internet explorer!
  22. How about deleting my old repo and forking again altogether. Will it cause any problems? Thanks
  23. Good morning Kaarosu, here is another bug i mention before + Pokerus : [ATTACH]5669[/ATTACH][ATTACH]5670[/ATTACH] See that the alignment of shiny hihidaruma's normal mode is inproper or is it supposed to be like that? Edit: It s written Step Formee insted of Step forme in 243! Hey ruinairas how does one update their own fork in the git? Im having trouble doing so:S
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