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  1. finally found a code that works... i have a liberty pass.... but... it doesn't unlock the event whatsoever... the boat captain won't talk to me or take the pass... since it's useless to have the item i won't bother posting the code
  2. does v3 include the exp fix patches? or do i need to get those separately? i remember in v1 and v2 there were downloads that both included it and did not include it...
  3. this might not be appropriate to ask but... i remember in generation IV you could get trainers phone numbers after defeating them and then call them up and and rebattle them and such for more experience later... is there anything like this in generation V? i can't tell because i can't understand anything any trainer says so i don't know if some of them are telling me they want to battle me later or not....
  4. I am using version2 for pokemon white whenever a move targets another MOVE (ala torment or many of the weirdo psychic/normal whatever moves) the effect is untranslated! so someone will use a move which will prevent me from using one of my moves or maybe force me to use it or maybe copy it or etc etc the text explaining what happens has a lot of Japanese in it that i cannot read... as far as i can tell though all other battle messages have been translated.... as far as i can tell what is occurring is that a move's name is being said in Japanese untranslated despite the fact that the name of that move has been correctly translated everywhere else also in the menu when I capture a pokemon the part about would you like to name it is untranslated and also when a pokemon levels up and learns a new move the buttons for "yes/no/cancel/accept" are in Japanese I manage to get by though great translation! I just wanted to point these out because I thought maybe they were an oversight
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