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  1. Anybody get pokeshifter to work on desmume? I have traded between them in the past so I would assume this possible. It's just been so long and I forgot how to connect them. (only way to transfer being I have only 1 ds)
  2. Anybody else get a problem with the gts negotiation. (the 2nd trade option in gts)? I didn't knw if it was a problem the translation caused or just me. One more question, I know this is off topic but does anyone know if the gts on b/w is on the same servers as hg/ss/p/d/pl? For instance, if you trade a 4th gen from platinum on the gts will it show up on the gts in b/w? I was thinking it might be so as long as you trade 4th gen and down on the older games. (5th gen just doesn't show up). lol this is how I want to shift my pokers over. I wanted to put up let's say a mew for trade for a bidoof on platinum. (a trade nobody would make ever). I switch over to my black game and go to the gts and see the mew there and trade said bidoof for it.
  3. The battle subway works for me when I have pokemon from gens earlier than 5 in my party. And when I change the names of said 5th gen pokemon with the name rater guy, It also works. However, some 5th gen with not-so-many letters in the names will pass. So yeah like with the gts, it has to do with the names. Kinda bums me out actually. Not because of the BS or GTS. It's the fact that the game thinks im hacking. I like my pokers legit and earned. But hey, the game shouldn't judge me anyway. Im a good person.
  4. To those having trouble trading in the gts with 5th gen pokers. All the older gens go through without a problem. If you want to trade 5th gen in the gts. Just go to the name rater in Hiun city and change the name to something in kanji and under 6 letters/numbers. I renamed my Miruhoggu with three mystery letters (to me anyway) and it went through. Sorry if this has already been resolved. Im just not that motivated to search through this huge thread for little things.
  5. I know this new found story translation is great and most important right now but has anybody been able to get high link to trigger the changes in black city/white forest?
  6. I heard/read that black city sells items such as evo stones. But no vendors there are selling them. I have tried during night and day for 4 days and nothing different. Could this be a bug? The reason I ask is because I read that getting on the high link with a buddy changes the items sold and trainers you battle in Black City. But that hasn't been the case for me. Anybody have a solution to this?
  7. Well that is what you call..impossible. When you get older you will understand that, like this, your lights just don't go on and off by the switch on the wall. Someone has to work to to pay the bill.
  8. Try updating your firmware. Or maybe your b/w rom is crap. Try locating a different one.
  9. That shouldn't happen. The patch is the patch. If it translates for one it does for all. Are you using any cheats or hacked pokemon? Have you traded with anyone? If not I would snag a different clean rom. Or you could go to options on you menu and make sure display text is set to normal instead of Kanji. But that's just a shot in the dark.
  10. http://dsmadness.wordpress.com/ It should be here very soon. It's the patchers I have used to patch mine. Works perfectly He should be putting up V3 as soon has he sees it is out. Be patient. Also, If you haven't got to play using V2 or even V1, they are on the site I posted. Just drag and drop the file into the .bat and it will patch it. Works without flaw. You do need to take the two files in the download and replace them in your sdcard though. But it's very simple.
  11. Little bug teaching the move fly to aerodactyl. It goes through the "1..2..3..poof" Then shows abnormal text and freezes up for a good 15-20 seconds. However, the yes/no option finally shows up if you just wait. I tried teaching fly to others and it works fine. And other tms/hms work on aerodactyl. I know it's a small little thing but hey.
  12. Will v2 work with dstt? Also, is the wifi/gts stuff close enough to call complete? I'd like to get it to help find bugs n stuff. Since im to stupid to help translate.
  13. Wow, You can't really find a complete faq on black or white yet (in English anyway). I am hoping there are some older gen legends that can be caught.Not seeing it yet. But I think those people who haven't played through it yet are going to be satisfied with how many pokers there are to catch in these games overall. ANYWAY the gts isn't working for me. Whenever I try to deposit a poker it gives me the name of said poker mixed in with some Japanese lang and just takes me back to the main options (seek pokemon, deposit, etc). I don't know if this is a bug or what. I am using a dstt. So it might be just that. This thread has gotten so damn long it's hard just to find out. I haven't had any problems what so ever until this.
  14. Got a few questions. If I patch up a clean version of black, will my save still work? Second question, are all the pokedex entries translated? Lastly, is any of the story translated in v2? Sorry, not being impatient or anything just curious.
  15. Signed up just to show some gratitude towards this project. I have actually beaten Black already. (Well, the Elite 4) and I can thank the translation and you guys for making it not so confusing. I only got lost once in the story. But besides that it was pretty pleasant. Translated signs would have been useful. But that's just if I had to complain about something. I never knew how valuable they really were. The Cgear was a little confusing but I soon figured it out. But yeah I don't know if V2 has all of that translated or not but I'm not complaining. You guys put a lot of work into this and it shows. Thanks.
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