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  1. I highly doubt it's for the trainers as well. Its just so you know the main story line and where to go and what to do.
  2. Aaand I'm back. So Rykin is working on testing the moves? Or should I text them in patch 3?
  3. Thanks for being a bro, terravoltage. Will use that. You can delete it now if you want so no lazy bums will be taking it. BTW: Move Excel Spreadsheet so far. Nearly done with the first part. I now have a .sav of a previous game so I will go over to see where the messages are off. Will also review move descriptions. Proooobably won't get this done tonight, its 3:30 AM here.
  4. Well somewhere along that line. I just want to be able to test on wild Pokemon who can withstand high-end moves like Focus Punch and Blast Burn. Also, I need an English game .sav, not a Japanese game .sav. I'd use my own, but as far as I know, you can't backup HG/SS retail cartridge game saves. And I have no AR to put in the "any skill" code OR edit a game save. But on AceKard I can apply the cheats to a .sav.
  5. It would be really helpful if somebody could give me a .sav of theirHG/SS that is at least up to the 5th badge or so. PM me if you have a .sav for this. Don't worry, it will be going towards move testing to compare translations. Also, just about done going over all the moves for the patch Kaarosu gave me before V3 came out. Will then test moves in V3 that had problems before hand. Still have little way of testing some moves unless done in an online match, which I hear there may still be problems with, also considering some move sets of Pokemon.
  6. Mirrors don't seem to work for me either. Black_oldlogo makes me wait 23 seconds then tells me the file is no longer available. It wants me to be a pro-user or something. :\
  7. Black old logo patch is either being massively downloaded or something is up. I keep getting error messages when I try to download it.
  8. It's a text overflow problem. If you want to teach your Pokemon moves, revert back to patch V1. We're fixing this on the next patch. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3375779/Moves.xlsx Excel Spreadsheet of currently tested moves. I'm still building it, and will edit it once I look over the move descriptions and go over more moves. Kaarosu did the top, I'm working from the bottom up.
  9. Oh BTW I randomly noticed, when teaching uh. Dig or Level Ground to my Warubiru, it was like "do you want to teach this move? the other move will be r" and replaced is cut off. I tried it a few times. It was only that specific TM. Will clarify this in a few.
  10. Went through Pokemon names again. Noticed a few that are different from site to site. I don't know which one we rely on the most: LEPERASUDU (Reparudasu on Serebii and Veekun. Leopardas on Bulbapedia) BURUNKERU (Burungeru on Serebii, Veekun. Burunkeru AND Burungel on Bulbapedia) SHANDERAA (Shandera on Serebii, Veekun, and Bulbapeida) I changed this one in 070.txt GORUUGO (Goruugu on Serebii, Veekun, and Bulbapedia) I changed this one too in 070.txt SAZANDO (Sazandora on Serebii and Veekun. Sazandra on Bulbapedia) MELOIA (Meloetta on Serebii and Bulbapedia. Meroetta on Veekun, ) So many discrepancies between names. Is it a vote?
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