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  1. I can confirm that the code above ^^ is the learning new moves wording. At least for the top screen. It doesn't seem that it contains the actual "Forget" or "Cancel" options wording that are on the touchscreen.
  2. Great progress so far, thanks to all of the hard-workers on this translation! Now, a question and bug: Why was a new thread started? Just too many posts in the last one? And when I'm using Munna vs another Munna in game, and try to use Psybeam, the game says "MUNNA in the way Psybeamhas put out!". Exactly like that, and it wont let me use Psybeam. Also, you should specify that "http://vgboy.dabomstew.com/other/BlackAndWhite.txt" has already been found, so people don't need to keep posting it!
  3. Thanks for all the hard work so far! Also, there is a typo with the first gym leader, he seems to refer to himself as Kone, yet the game talks about hiim as Korn, and it switches back and forth. Pretty entertaining actually.
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