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  1. I think johnny depp as jack sparrow was amazing. but my favorite is still captain kid... I'm not going to get reported for this, am I?
  2. localization includes a lot more than just translating/patching a game! this is the normal process •Step 1: Familiarization (1-3 weeks) -- Play the game and understand context of written material. •Step 2: Localization (1-8 weeks) -- Depends on amount of text and if voice acting is required. •Step 3: Programming (4-6 weeks) -- All implemented by original developers. •Step 4: Quality Assurance (5-8 weeks) -- Bugs are natural side effect of localization, along with "test issues." •Step 5: Manufacturer Approval (3-8 weeks) -- "Internal testers go over the submitted master candidate." •Step 6: Manufacturing (3-5 weeks) -- Print, box and ship and beyond that, they have to run it through and check everything in the game against NOA and esrb standards and stuff. and it has to go through multiple departments for review, because once they release a game, they can't exactly just release a patch if they have any bugs in it. like the walk through walls bug in diamond and pearl, they also let it sit for a while to see if the initial release community can find any bugs that escaped people intially bug testing it. also, localization usually has things being changed to more american sounding things as well. and this has taken a tiny bit of time, but the surface has barely been scratched, as far as storyline goes.
  3. I think if people are interested in translated the storyline, then no need to stymie that. if it's what they're interested in, they can go for it. it'll be fun for them, and they'll be less likely to give up half way throught it, and you'll still have people translating the important stuff too.
  4. I just went to the github directory thingy and went to town on some of the untranslated lines. sorry. no clue what you're talking about.
  5. so I've been doing some translations here and there among the text files. how do I submit them? and what should I label them as? the .txt number, and the line?
  6. yeah, it's only for people who want the game to not freeze when they try to evolve a pokemon.
  7. if you're using desmume, start your old game (non english patched one), go to your save file. under the menu, go to file, go down to export backup memory. export it as no$gba sav file. name it whatever the name of your patched rom is. then load your patched rom, and go to click on file. then go to import backup memory. import your .sav file. load your old save. win. maybe kaarosu can put this in the first post? so people don't keep asking?
  8. oh yeah, also, since you're hosting the new patch, you may want to take down under your glitch list the evolution thing.
  9. you're my hero! also, is anyone started work on the storyline yet? I translated the first conversation with n, cos I wanted to know what was happening while I played. it's in a notepad on my desktop, and was just wondeing cos if no one was, I'd help out with that.
  10. nevermind. figured it out. exported my backup data as a no$gba .sav and renamed it. it worked. using desmume, so anyone else who is, can has figured out.
  11. you can export backup data, as a .sav just tried it and it didn't work for me.
  12. ok. I started up my old game, exported the sav file, renamed it, started a new translated game, and imported the new backup data, the renamed .sav, and it still doesn't let me load my old game. what do?
  13. how can I play my old save files? I tried renaming it pokemonwhite_patched.dsv, but it didn't work
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