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  1. I liked the old ones as well. Sorry, I think it's too cartoonish. lol I like my logos serious. Pokemon is serious business! EDIT:I think you did a great job! I don't think we should take away choice but don't replace the old logos
  2. It works perfectly. To apply the English patch you have to have the clean rom and patch in the same folder.
  3. Just barely got my copy of the V5 patches. So far after I patched both of them with everything they're working just fine on Wood 1.15 on a real R4 . I'll continue to test them like I always have and report anything.
  4. I'm sure. Take a look for yourself. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?11746-Pokmon-Black-and-White-Translation-Project-v3-%28READ-FIRST-THREE-POSTS-Thread-is-now-open%29 2nd post
  5. Thanks again for all the work on the translation. With that new story translation information, hopefully you guys can work more efficiently. The Union room problem I had was fixed with the Rudolph's Child play V2 for Black after patching with Rudolph V4. Oh and maybe when writing the next changelog I suggest you use something else besides EtherPad so you can lock it like Google Docs or something.
  6. So I patched a clean Pokemon Black with the Rudolph V4 black and after I used the new logo V3 patch but the Union Room still hangs at a black screen. I'm using Wood 1.14 on a real R4.
  7. So I ran into the glitch of when I try to teach a Pokemon Strength the HM. It hangs and the text box is just ????????????????????? on White no EXP patch
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