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  1. Hey y'all. Figured it was time to change this trash name (and my avatar eventually). I would like to change my name to WiteMic.
  2. And Wraith, just to let you know how far the hacking is going, I just got swept by Mega Latias... in Rating Battles. Also watched a Greninja randomly boost its speed with speed boost... in ratings battle. This is what I'm dealing with.
  3. I do take offense to that because you might as well say, "conform to the format of the same Pokemon everyone else is using.". You're basically saying stop playing Pokemon if you're not gonna do what everyone else is doing. F that. I could easily go on Smogon and take the top used Pokemon, make them exactly the same and be just like everyone else or I could use the Pokemon I actually like and have a bond with and try to get some people who feel the same to battle with. But unfortunately people have a Call of Duty camper mind state. Using the same Pokemon with the same moves and all the same strategies is basically like camping in a corner with a bouncing betty & shock charge on each entrance with the Scavenger perk on. And to say you don't see how people can hack like that is BS. I'm not even into that crap and I know all about the new stuff. It's actually pretty sad that I still see posts on here asking how to do certain things when all it takes is a Japanese version of the games, Cyber Gadget and Pokebank. OR a Save Dongle/Action Replay and Pokemon BW/B2W2. I've faced FOUR people this morning ZERO eggs hatched, never been to the Battle Maison, apparently haven't obtained or evolved any Pokemon AND, get this, haven't even beaten the Elite 4. BUT somehow have all Maison items & perfect IV/EV trained shiny Pokemon. I remember coming to this site 4 years ago and feeling at home. I didn't fit in with the Serebii people and I didn't even know Marriland existed. I even remember when X/Y first came out. How the friend safari thread was cool because we all met and traded and stuff. Now, there is more posts about hacking and crap than there is about anything else. Oh well. Guess I'll just close my DS up and wait until ORAS come out to t least enjoy the game play and story of Pokemon. And to answer your question, I play Pokemon because it's the only thing from my childhood that I could still do and still have fun with it but, with this competitive OU/UU BS, fun is far from what I'm having.
  4. Ok Wraith, now let me ask you this: How do these people in ratings battles have 0 eggs hatched, have less than 100 BP, Less than 100 Pokemon obtained & have all shiny Pokemon keep beating me? Now If you ask me, it's all hacks. I have faced Garchomps that OHKO all my Pokemon. Even the walls. I have faced Mamoswines that OHKO all my Pokemon AND out speed Crobat, Greninja & Talonflame. I've also seen Sheer Force Feraligatr which, to my knowledge, has not been even released. And this is all my games. I am currently 12 and 22 in ratings. The 12 people I faced all had legit raised Pokemon. Everything matched there Pokemon. Nothing seemed odd. But I promise and swear up and down, on every whole book that everytime I loss, it was to a person with the aforementioned Pokemon and stats. So I ask you Wraith, how am I suppose to have fun when I keep losing to Pokemon with hacked everything? I made this thread for the people who actually want to play fair and have fun. I don't mind losing especially if it's against someone who has done the work to raise their Pokemon and actually is playing to have fun and not to troll and cheat. Maybe the Mega's stipulation was reaching a little but, the legendaries and hacked mons need to stop. Stone Edging a Focus Sashed Zapdos doesn't even work anymore due to HP Ice. Bottom line is in order to have fun in a Wi-Fi battle, you need to either have a group of friends that play, which I don't because all my friends don't care for Pokemon, or you need to have hacked mons which is something I refuse to do. So whats your take on this?
  5. But that's why I made this post. So people can connect and play this certain way with out having legend and mega spam. And I know megas could be easy to take out. Fully IV'd and all. But They're still on that high platform because they can OHKO most things. I stopped using Mega Char Y because all I had to do was Mega Evolve and take out EVERYTHING with Solar Beam, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse and Air Slash. Rocks didn't even stop him. This thread is for the people who basically just want to have a fair battle without worrying whose going to Mega evolve or why is there 2 legendaries on this team or even how many times Breloom is going to spam Spore. Smogon has there thing. Other sites have there rules. Why not Project Pokemon? And I'm in no way saying this should be PP standard of battling but, it's one form of many it could have.
  6. So I've recently been getting into competitive battling (Pokemon Showdown for now because I'm also learning how to breed) and to be honest, it's boring. It's rare to find a player who isn't using T-Tar, Greninja, Talonflame & the other basic OU Pokemon that EVERYONE else uses. It's rare to see someone actually trying some random Pokemon out. It also sucks seeing someone use 3 legends and a mega. And yes, I know they can be taken down like the rest of the Pokemon but, you loose 3 Pokemon taking the legends down, two taking the Mega down and your last Poke is at 7 HP and they still have two fully healthy Pokemon. So I sat there thinking about how I can actually have fun doing these battles and came up with this idea: (Please don't bag on it. Please do not leave negative comments.) Standard Battles. Two Tiers: Uber and Regular. Basically, legends and megas are in the uber and the rest are regular. If you want to do uber, let the person you're battling know that's what you wanna do. I know this isn't for everyone. This is for the people who want to get away from the same old teams you see on Showdown and VGC. This is for the people who want to actually strategize as opposed to using Mega Char Y to sweep a whole team. So if you like the idea and wanna try it out, leave Friend Codes and talk to each other. Also, there's no way to actually ban this but, let's go by the same code as VGC and Showdown and lets not overuse spore, swagger & evasive moves. That just makes the battle even more boring than it is now. Happy Battling.
  7. I will be adding all the new ones when I get home from work in a couple hours. I really haven't even been online due to the fact that Online Battling is pissing me off. LOL. EDIT: everyone on the topic has been added.
  8. <p><p><p><p><p><p>GUESS WHO MADE WAFFLES!!!</p></p></p></p></p></p>

  9. I agree with Aeternus. I followed everybody that has posted there FC on here on both of my Friend Codes. I'll repost my codes here. Water Safari w/ Panpour, Quagsire & Poliwhirl: 5386-8181-4568 Ghost Safari w/ Spirit Tomb (who cares about the other two. LOL) 3926-5650-8477. I would post a list of who I've friended and who hasn't friended me but, that takes way too much effort that I don't have.
  10. Added everybody new on my 1st FC. Gotta do the second when I get home from work. And Thanks HenryKnowles.
  11. 3926-5650-8477 That's my other Friend Code. Not sure what Safari it is yet though so let me know. I'm adding everybody as of now. EDIT: Added Everyone. This FC will be on all the time. It's my old 3ds code and I don't carry it with me so it will always be online and on for Hidden Abilities on my Safari Pokemon... which ever type they are. LOL
  12. Just to let y'all know, I'm going to post my old 3DS FC in here when I get home from work in the morning. I'm hoping it's a lot better then the crappy Water safari I have right now. LOL. My current one for trades and stuff or if you really want some random Pokemon. LOL.
  13. Everyone go friend Charly. 2251-5319-1112 . He's looking for steel codes and he has what everyone wants... water with the frog. Add him quick.
  14. Crap. Ok. I'll do it in a bit. I beat Y and began to do work on X.
  15. I, once again, added everyone above. I just need to know what Pokemon I have. I know it's a Water Safari but, which Poke's has people caught from mine? 5386-8181-4568
  16. I know me and Kha0s added everybody soooo let's get to friending. Kha0s - 1693-1753-8444 and I'm WiteMic 5386-8181-4568 . Everyone add everyone and let's catch em all... that was the lamest plug ever.
  17. 5386-8181-4568 WiteMic I haven't battled yet but, I'm a great trader and I'm starting to breed Poke's and berries. Also, I have most the catchable Pokemon in the game except Friend Safari BUT, I can get them with your help. EDIT: I also just started X after beating Y. If you need anything, Game Chat me while I'm on and I can switch over & breed it and/or trade real quick.
  18. I'm newer than new with the whole gts & all that but my friend code is 3869 4770 4385 for black. I'll probably have one for white soon because I want the target lucario.
  19. Hey, the Mystery Mew (which I never heard of) is giving the corrupt save message. Just to let you know. EDIT: The two new ones work fine but, the Mareep Event code & Engima Stone code are failing now.
  20. Alight, I just did the Arceus event & it was AWESOME!!! Is there a code to reactivate to get the other two?
  21. Is there a code to delete key items? I want to try to delete the Red Orb so I can get Kyogre.
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