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  1. 3 hours ago, JISN064 said:

    can we have this one? kar.png.2c40345acd5b1aac7f45f66586cb6f6b.png

    I can't think for a real reasong to have it ... just Magikarp

    Only thing is there are literally thousands of these images that we could potentially use for reactions. I'd love to add more, but there'll need to be some reasoning behind it.

    I actually had 2 more in mind I wanted to add, but I couldn't justify them to myself.

    Here's an old screenshot I almost forgot to replace:


  2. 1 minute ago, WilyTuna said:

    How do you load .3dsx files as described in the release notes? The only thing I could get to work was renaming the Homebrew Launcher (boot.3dsx) to something else and renaming the desired .3dsx to boot.3dsx, placing in on the root of the SD card and using the Homebrew methods from the home screen. I have a feeling that is not how it was intended to be done. If anyone knows how it is supposed to work, or a more elegant way of doing this please share.

    Using this homebrew launcher (boot.3dsx on the SD root), launch the CIA Homebrew thing.

  3. 35 minutes ago, BlackPyoVic said:

    I don't know if this would help but one of my friends changed the language of the game, exported and played, then returned to the original language and he got banned. So that's considered a big modification. I've also heard that starting a new game, getting a new Game Sync and using it with your old save file would unban you.

    In that case, they might just be programmatically analyzing the save file from different points in time to determine if anything has changed that cannot be changed in the game.

    Other reports included how all items were obtained; maybe it's not possible to get max of every item.  Maybe the item-based bans were actually a result of a small subset of items obtained.  I mean, it's theoretically possible to get max Pokéballs, but probably not max Master Balls (or can Master Balls be farmed in S/M?).

  4. 3 hours ago, suloku said:

    Since this is a somewhat official statement and this site doesn't endorese piracy, I would add something like "if you modified your savegame and don't want to get banned". I'm just saying because I got the impression the statement was somewhat meant to prevent "cheaters" from being banned, but englsih isn't my mother language so maybe it was just my impression.

    I don't know all the details, but it sounds like some of the bans are the result of in-game cheating (i.e. not cheating during battles or anything; only things like getting max items).  Because of how game sync works, they have access to the entire save file and can detect things like this when users do things online besides cheating.

  5. 54 minutes ago, Jason11 said:

    Can I update if I am using Cybergadget SaveEditor?

    I recommend that you follow http://3ds.guide/ before updating, so you will have more options in the future.  You never know when you want to try out the latest homebrew or ROM hacks.

  6. 31 minutes ago, Ammako said:

    Ah nah, I didn't really need help on getting it working, I was just curious on how SciresM got that to work. It sounds really cool and pretty convenient. (Would external code.bin patching work on O3DS? Considering extended memory mode and all that.)

    Would it theoretically be possible to hack the OR/AS secret base QR scanner to allow injecting in the same way?

    It's handled by Luma, so probably.  IIRC, NTR is the only thing that has trouble, since it's not a proper CFW and has to be launched with a cia.

  7. 5 hours ago, Michael728 said:

    I have a Question. I have a 3dsXL on 9.4 but pokemon Sun and moon runs on 11.0+. I couldnt extract the save file via homebrew save manager. 

    With 9.4, you don't even need to wait.  Plailect's guide will answer all your questions and walk you through everything.  Once you're done, follow this guide:


  8. 33 minutes ago, Michael728 said:

    So its highly recomended to CFW my 9.4 3DSXL right? 

    Will I still be able to PKHEX XY ORAS and SunMoon via save manager after I CFW?

    and by the way, can I PKHEX soul silver? I recently got a copy and want to gen a few monster to start my journey. 

    save manager is obsolete thanks to JKSM.  Soul Silver saves can be managed using TWL Save Tool.

    See the save editing tutorials section for details:


  9. 1 hour ago, Holla! said:

    Ok, after turning on my 3DS I'm not banned and made my way to turn off "sending data via SpotPass" in System Settings. Also after talking to some friends that have CFW 3DSes I can confirm they're safe. Thank God! :D

    What I'm scared of now though is that I installed A9LH for my cousin's O3DS back in February and I don't know if she'll be banned considering she's still on an older Luma version. Should I still tell her to go online even though she hasn't had the time to play it for the past weeks?

    Since we don't know exactly what triggers the bans, that would be best.

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