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  1. Yeah, i ment 10.6 ... 10.6 can now be downgraded, with Cubicninja or OoT hax, but Yellow8 hasn't quite got browserhax and menuhax to work on 10.6 yet (Very hopeful that it will be soon (this week or next) ) i just wanna Gen again.. i would gen a box of Shiny Surfing Pikachu and give them away for free. (Everyone should have a Surfing Pikachu...Why not a free Shiny One? ) lol, if i saw anyone with a birthday, i'd distribute a special pokemon to them (
  2. Hi, i used to PokeGen, untill i accedentally updated my system a while ago. (when nintendo patched it). i have another 3ds and X now, only, my 3ds is ver 10.10, so for now at least, a Downgrade is impossible. I was wondering (If you can) if you could exploit some pokemon i Genned to your game, and trade them over to me in game? I wouldn't normally ask, but i'm running out of choices as i can't use exploits atm. you are of course welcome to any and all my genned pokemon for this, and i have some breedjects to trade for the pokemon i need. Here is my QR Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OnTHt9vsPaEdLxa6j3Z2jIw6Nmoq1Goks8FbAjppdeE The pokemon i'm after from this page are: Non-Shiny Critdra Non-Shiny Scizor Shiny Fly Pikachu Shiny Surf Pikachu Non-Shiny Mawile Shiny Cinccino Shiny Ratata I would be Much obliged if you could do this for me Please let me know, and i'll send you my friend-code if you are able & Willing to do this Thank-you in advance.
  3. Sorry for the wait, i dont come her often anymore... Did you try standing outside the house, with just Arceus in your party (and ONLY Arceus!.) then, whilst standing outside the house, press START + SELECT, this should activate the event when you try to walk through the door.
  4. as we all know, since the March 2nd update, those who have updated (Like myself) can no longer use the web-exploit. i was just wondering whether or not there is any work being done to find any new methods for Genning. (I only updated my system so i could update my game (as it was refusing to let me online otherwise) (and i needed to update the system to access the eshop.)
  5. i tried using this, but the URL given in the text file to Load rsavout.bin doesn't work, i get "Error 404 - Not Found" when i try to load the page... Has the pages been updated? if so, could someone please provide me with working links for this My Bad, i checked the URL and i had saved it incorrectly. Who ever is behind this whole Injection Exploit... Thankyou so FKN MUTCH! your work has Revived the Pokegen Community (And hopefully Pissed Gamefreak off too!
  6. All 3 Unova Starters, All have Pokerus, All Shiny, All have 31 IV's and 85 EV's in each Stat. Heres the screnshot of them Here's the .pkm File for pokegen Dont have pokegen? Use these AR Codes (Made with pokegen) (These will replace the first 3 members of your party... use caution) Black 2 (Also works on BlazeBlack 2) Press Select to activate White 2 (Also works on VoltWhite 2) Press Select to activate
  7. no, the value would be: 44h - D0, 45h- 07 for "Day-care Couple Egg Recieved" and 46h - B6 47h - 00 for "Route 34" can change to any of the following (But only change 46h, leave 47h at 00): 7E - New Bark Town 7F - Cherrygrove City 80 - Violet City 81 - Azelia Town 82 - Cianwood City 83 - Goldenrod City 84 - Olivine City 85 - Ecruteak City 86 - Mahogany Town 87 - Lake of Rage 88 - Blackthorn City 89 - Silver Cave 8A - Pallet Town 8B - Viridian City 8C - Pewter City 8D - Cerulean City 8E - Lavender Town 8F - Vermillion City 90 - Celadon City 91 - Fuchsia City 92 - Cinnabar Island 93 - Indigo Plateau 94 - Saffron City 95 - Route 1 96 - Route 2 97 - Route 3 98 - Route 4 99 - Route 5 9A - Route 6 9B - Route 7 9C - Route 8 9D - Route 9 9E - Route 10 9F - Route 11 A0 - Route 12 A1 - Route 13 A2 - Route 14 A3 - Route 15 A4 - Route 16 A5 - Route 17 A6 - Route 18 A7 - Route 19 A8 - Route 20 A9 - Route 21 AA - Route 22 AB - Route 23 AC - Route 24 AD - Route 25 AE - Route 26 AF - Route 27 B0 - Route 28 B1 - Route 29 B2 - Route 30 B3 - Route 31 B4 - Route 32 B5 - Route 33 B6 - Route 34 B7 - Route 35 B8 - Route 36 B9 - Route 37 BA - Route 38 BB - Route 39 BC - Route 40 BD - Route 41 BE - Route 42 BF - Route 43 C0 - Route 44 C1 - Route 45 C2 - Route 46 C3 - Route 47 C4 - Route 48 C5 - Diglett Cave C6 - Mt. Moon C7 - Cerulean Cave C8 - Rock Tunnel C9 - Power Plant CA - Safari Zone CB - Seafoam Islands CC - Sprout Tower CD - Tin Tower CE - Burnt Tower CF - National Park D0 - Radio Tower D1 - Ruins of Alph D2 - Union Cave D3 - Slowpoke Well D4 - Lighthouse D5 - Rocket Hideout (Mahogany Town) D6 - Ilex Forest D7 - Goldenrod Underground D8 - Mt. Mortar D9 - Ice Path DA - Whirl Islands (Lugia's Chamber) DB - Silver Mountain Cave DC - Dark Cave DD - Victory Road DE - Dragon's Den DF - Tohjo Falls E0 - Viridian Forest E1 - Pokéthlon Dome E2 - S.S. Aqua E3 - Safari Zone Gate E4 - Cliff Cave E5 - Frontier Front E6 - Path to Tin Tower E7 - Shinto Ruins E8 - Hidden Tower E9 - Pokéwalker EA - Cliff’s Gate 85h - 00 for "Egg Hatched" 86h - 04 for "caught in pokeball" (Don't forget to set this option in pokesav (Ball Caught With)) hope this helps
  8. Editing/Creating a Pokemon with Pokesav? want to give it Shiny Leaves/Crown, but don't know how? well, this is the tread for you. on the top-right side in the Edit Pokemon window of Pokesav there is a list that looks like this: Hex Value: (41h=00)(63h=00) (42h=00)(64h=00) (43h=00)(65h=00) (44h=00)(66h=00) (45h=00)(67h=00) (46h=00)(85h=00) (47h=00)(86h=00) (5Eh=00) for Shiny Leaves/Crown, all you need to note is the box labled "41h" and change it's value to one of the following: ( (00000) means no shiny leaves, and (*****) means 5.) Hidden Hex values: Shiny Leaf Value: 41h=00 (00000) 41h=01 (*0000) 41h=02 (0*000) 41h=03 (**000) 41h=04 (00*00) 41h=05 (*0*00) 41h=06 (0**00) 41h=07 (***00) 41h=08 (000*0) 41h=09 (*00*0) 41h=0A (0*0*0) 41h=0B (**0*0) 41h=0C (00**0) 41h=0D (*0**0) 41h=0E (0***0) 41h=0F (****0) 41h=10 (0000*) 41h=11 (*000*) 41h=12 (0*00*) 41h=13 (**00*) 41h=14 (00*0*) 41h=15 (*0*0*) 41h=16 (0**0*) 41h=17 (***0*) 41h=18 (000**) 41h=19 (*00**) 41h=1A (0*0**) 41h=1B (**0**) 41h=1C (00***) 41h=1D (*0***) 41h=1E (0****) 41h=1F (*****) 41h=20 (CROWN) Best Values: 00 (0) 01 (1) 03 (2) 07 (3) 0F (4) 1F (5) 20 (Crown) (If you choose 20, you will NOT be able to see it's certificate when you go and see dawn, if you want to see it, you must set it to 1F, then talk to her. she will give you the crown and show you it's certificate.) PLEASE NOTE: This has been confirmed for the US Version of Soul Silver, so any feedback concerning any other version would be appreciative. I hope this helped somewhat. I found this out whilst playing about with the hidden hex values... I am currently working on creating a location list which will be added as soon as i finish it. I will also post any other findings. Please do not ask me any requests... I cannot and will not respond to them unless i create a request thread. Check out the results:
  9. Please post your request like so: Your Username (Or Email for Private Pokemon Codes): Country (Europe/America/Japan) Pokemon: Nickname: (Leave blank for no nickname) OT: (Oringinal Trainer Name) OT Gender: Trainer ID: Secret ID: (Use this code, press L+R and look at your money... 94000130 fff30000 62111880 00000000 b2111880 00000000 da000000 00000086 d7000000 00000088 d2000000 00000000 write down the last 5 digits... this is your secret ID) Met at Level: Met In Place: (E.G. Twinleaf Town) Held Item: (Leave Blank For Nothing) Current Level: EXP: (Leave Blank if not sure) Happiness: (100 for MAX) Caught With: (E.G. Pokeball) Ability: Pokerus: (Infected/Cured/None) Nature: Shiny: I.V.'s: (1-31) E.V.'s: (All 85/MAX) Contest Stats: (None/MAX) Fateful Encounter?: Date Met: Is Pokemon an Egg?: Date Egg Received: Unknown Letter: (A-Z/ ?/ !) Burmy/Wormadam Form: Shellos/Gastrodon Form: Deoxys Form: Ribbons: (can be:) [spoiler] Johto Champ Ribbon Ability Ribbon Great Ability Ribbon Double Ability Ribbon Multi Ability Ribbon Pair Ability Ribbon World Ability Ribbon Alert Ribbon Shock Ribbon Downcast Ribbon Careless Ribbon Relax Ribbon Snooze Ribbon Gorgeous Ribbon Royal Ribbon Gorgeous Royal Ribbon Footprint Ribbon Record Ribbon History Ribbon Legend Ribbon Red Ribbon Green Ribbon Blue Ribbon Festival Ribbon Carnival Ribbon Classic Ribbon (Needed if Pokemon is from an EVENT) Premier Ribbon Cool Ribbon Cool Ribbon Super Cool Ribbon Hyper Cool Ribbon Master Beauty Ribbon Beauty Ribbon Super Beauty Ribbon Hyper Beauty Ribbon Master Cute Ribbon Cute Ribbon Super Cute Ribbon Hyper Cute Ribbon Master Smart Ribbon Smart Ribbon Super Smart Ribbon Hyper Smart Ribbon Master Tough Ribbon Tough Ribbon Super Tough Ribbon Hyper Tough Ribbon Master Champion Ribbon Winning Ribbon Victory Ribbon Artist Ribbon Effort Ribbon Marine Ribbon Land Ribbon Sky Ribbon Country Ribbon National Ribbon Earth Ribbon World Ribbon [/spoiler] Move 1: Move 2: Move 3: Move 4: Box to appear in: (1-18) Slot to Appear: (1-30) and Finnally... Version of Pokemon: (Pearl/Diamond/Platinum/Heart Gold/Soul Silver) (Black and white codes will be available soon) so, for example: REQUEST: Event Celebi Your Username: Kosovokid Country: United Kingdom Pokemon: Celebi Nickname: (Leave blank for no nickname) OT: GAMESPT OT Gender: Female Trainer ID:2271 Secret ID: 10415 Met at Level:50 Met In Place: Johto Region Held Item: Joboca Berry Current Level:50 EXP: 117360 Happiness: (100 for MAX) Caught With: Cherish Ball [EVENT BALL] Ability:Natural Cure Pokerus: Infected Nature: Bold Shiny: no I.V.'s: MAX E.V.'s: MAX Contest Stats: MAX Fateful Encounter?: Yes [EVENT] Date Met: 2010/03/17 Is Pokemon an Egg?: No Date Egg Received: 2010/03/17 Unknown Letter: N/A Burmy/Wormadam Form:N/A Shellos/Gastrodon Form: N/A Deoxys Form:N/A Ribbons: Classic Ribbon [EVENT RIBBON] Move 1:Leaf Storm Move 2:Recover Move 3:Nasty Plot Move 4: Healing Wish PP UP's: ALL Box to appear in: 18 Slot to Appear: 30 and Finnally... Version of Pokemon: Soul Silver (Black and white codes will be available soon) CODE: Press L+R To activate, Celebi will appear in BOX 18, SLOT 30 94000130 FCFF0000 B2111880 00000000 E0021678 00000088 4D3C0A35 91810000 163077A2 F8404170 72A86E02 D00A07CE 7E04ABBB AADC1A44 A286CA80 E7231191 932ED0EB D3AA2D43 75E3AD2C 9CFDD848 65321610 AAE08A56 0E1746FB 58FF882B 9A348E69 CD4CE499 A3297558 DD3CB9E3 C451F570 79F1DF3F 91C41062 4A988E00 C2406F1D B30BE1A8 30D1FBBE 37FF8E7A 8137AA73 8DD2232A 35088E2E 6C3399FB D2000000 00000000 I will Test the codes myself, and let you know if the Pokemon is Legal, Illegal, or otherwise. I shall post these codes in this thread unless stated otherwise (If Email, the subject will be "-Your Pokemon- Code for -Game-" and it will come from "Kosovokid21@gmail.com") Not all Requests will be accepted (i'm sorry, but i'm not online much) so i will announce what codes i will be working on. All Codes are made with Pokesav or Pokegen, i in no way whatsoever claim to own these programs, or the codes created by them, i am mearly doing the hard work, so you don't have to. if you don't like what i'm doing, keep your oppinions to yourself, as i WILL report you. if you Don't want codes... you're in the wrong place, look elsewhere. if there is any problems, email me at Kosovokid21@gmail.com with the subject "Pokemon Code Problem"... likewise for praise (put "thank-you" as subject)
  10. Thanks again, i was able to use MGE to change and store AR codes from pgt/pcds
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