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  1. lol thats the one i said i have and am having problems with...thanks though
  2. o and btw riolu, i saw on another thread that u were working on a nature modifier for after the pokemon has been caught. how is that going, or how did it turn out? i tried another one that i found (the one involving holding x, pressing x, then y or somthing) and it didn't work for me. also, thanx for all the work u do for everybody on the forum's benefit!
  3. Hardy - 1206E120 00002400 Lonely - 1206E120 00002401 Brave - 1206E120 00002402 Adamant - 1206E120 00002403 Naughty - 1206E120 00002404 Bold - 1206E120 00002405 Docile - 1206E120 00002406 Relaxed - 1206E120 00002407 Impish - 1206E120 00002408 Lax - 1206E120 00002409 Timid - 1206E120 0000240A Hasty - 1206E120 0000240B Serious - 1206E120 0000240C Jolly - 1206E120 0000240D Naive - 1206E120 0000240E Modest - 1206E120 0000240F Mild - 1206E120 00002410 Quite - 1206E120 00002411 Bashful - 1206E120 00002412 Rash - 1206E120 00002413 Calm - 1206E120 00002414 Gentle - 1206E120 00002415 Sassy - 1206E120 00002416 Careful - 1206E120 00002417 Quirky - 1206E120 00002418 i retyped it from multiple sites to make sure. i just got ards today so i was hopin it was just sum stupid mistake. i saved each nature as a different code, is that how i was suppose to do it? maybe it doesnt work in conjuntion with oher codes? i use wild pokemon modifier, max IV, and 148x EV gained per battle. i hope this helps clarify. but i know i have about 4 adamant nature codes on my dsi, and none of them work. (no i don't have them all on at the same time)
  4. hey, can somebody help me. or at least tell me if there are others with the same issue. i used the wild nature modifier code. the first one that i activated and used, was the modest nature. i caught two pokemon with this, and it worked perfectly. i then saved the game and reset my dsi. i next deselected the modest nature code, and selected adamant nature. no matter wat i tried, or how many times i reset my dsi/re-input the code I could not get it to work. Next i tried careful nature, and had the same problem. I really hope im just doing something stupid, cuz i wasted a good portion of my day trying to get the right natures the hard way.
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