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  1. I once read about an issue where editing a pokémon's level can cause it to remain at its old level, but then any amount of EXP will cause it to level up constantly until it hits the edited level. It's just happened to me and I don't know why; I've edited levels before with no problems. Does anyone know what this issue is caused by?
  2. CNash

    Location help

    Actually, it's the reverse. Egg Hatched sets: "(LOCATION) Egg received." Met At sets "(LOCATION) Egg hatched" So a pokemon Met At Solaceon Town and Egg Hatched at DayCareCouple would read: Day-Care Couple Egg received. Solaceon Town Egg (apparently) hatched.
  3. CNash

    Pokesav problems

    http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?780-GTS-website-research/page34 The download link is about halfway down. It was the third result on Google for "HyperGTS".
  4. CNash

    Pokesav problems

    You could try using HyperGTS instead.
  5. Looks ok to me, passes legality checker. You might want to input your own trainer name, though.
  6. Thanks for the article link and clarification, RyuuShin - that will be useful in the future. In this case, then, your Roserade is fine in terms of ability, Soldiviner
  7. CNash

    Pokesav problems

    1.) Are you keeping sendpkm open? 2.) Does the IP address it gives you begin with 192?
  8. It comes with the Legality Checker.
  9. Eep, forgot about that. Natural Cure is Ability 1 according to Smogon (which I believe lists them in the correct order), so while your PID is still valid and legal, anyone poking into the file can see that it's not 100% legit. Col/XD pokémon have the same odds of being shiny as any pokémon from the handheld games - namely 1/8192. I'm not sure when the shinyness of a Shadow Pokémon is determined, but that's moot in this case. I had a go at making it shiny. Problem is, getting those exact IVs to be shiny is difficult, and since you've got Hidden Power I assume you picked them out for a specific type and power, and so you don't want to change them. From there it becomes a trial-and-error guessing game - change your ID or SID to something else, run the numbers through PID/IV Checker and hope that one of the results has your specific IVs. And the search process can take upwards of ten minutes to run... Same deal with fixing the Ability I'm afraid - that particular combination of IVs won't generate a Female Timid Ability 1 Roserade, and it won't generate any of the other natures that you'd find beneficial (namely ones that increase Speed or Sp. Atk) either. Changing the IVs is the only way to get around it, and even that isn't foolproof.
  10. I've only ever heard this called the "Obedience Bit", with "Fateful encounter" meaning that the data sheet just says "Met in a fateful encounter at level...".
  11. Yes you can - you can snag one in Phenac City in . So the location data is fine. I made a couple of fixes - contest stats, for one thing, because it's implausible to say it's won every contest while having 0 in all stats. But there really wasn't much wrong with it. Roserade.pkm
  12. Pokésav showed your Trainer ID as "ZA" - I can only assume that it's an issue with Pokémon Generator. I only use Pokésav so I've never encountered this issue. Might be a stupid question, but are you trying to make this Azelf look hatched? Because that'll instantly mark it out as "hacked" to just about everyone. The location data problem - once again, try it in Pokésav and not Generator.
  13. AFAIK there isn't anything different about the Box eggs once they're Pal Parked over. The only indicator is before they're hatched on a GBA game, where the egg will read as coming from "the nice place".
  14. Instructions here: http://community.livejournal.com/pokewifi/2167924.html
  15. Your location issue is easy to fix. Here's how it works: Egg Hatched sets: "(LOCATION) Egg received." Met At sets "(LOCATION) Egg hatched" So a pokemon "Met at" Solaceon Town and "Egg Hatched" at DayCareCouple would read: Day-Care Couple Egg received. Solaceon Town Egg (apparently) hatched. If you hatch them yourself (i.e. check "Is Egg" and walk around with it), the second field should be replaced (by the game) with where you were when it hatched, as normal, but I haven't tested it thoroughly. Your trainer ID issue, I'm not sure about. Attach your PKM file to your next message and I'll take a look. And the pokémon with their pokédex ID as ??? are ones that are not in the regional pokédex. The game will accept them (as you can freely trade between D/P/P and HG/SS from the start of the game, it's nothing unusual), but won't assign them a pokédex number until you get the National Dex.
  16. Or use the GTS exploit to send them to yourself over wi-fi... although an AR is probably nice to have and would save you having to make more requests here!
  17. I've sent you a PM but just in case: FC 4855 9587 4100 I'm ready now.
  18. Togepi has illegal moves for its evolutionary level, but otherwise there are no problems, and both pass the Legality Checker. I'll send them to you, let me know when you're ready. FC 4211 6945 1289
  19. Instructions here: http://community.livejournal.com/pokewifi/2167924.html
  20. Ah, yes - if I remember correctly, Smogon's pages list the abilities in the correct order - ability 1 first and ability 2 second.
  21. In general, all pokémon except GBA legendaries and event pokémon should use Type 1 - Normal DS/GBA. Pal Parked pokémon can use Type 2 or 3. I looked over your pokémon and they all seem to be fine.
  22. As long as the legality checker says it's legal, then it'll pass Nintendo's check as well.
  23. 2006 10th Anniversary event; Latios and Latias were given out as event pokémon in the US and Europe. My own Lati pair are from this event, and bear the "Fateful encounter" tag. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_10th_Anniversary_event_Pok%C3%A9mon
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