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  1. Is this ok Illithian? Ill have the rest of them up tomorrow night.
  2. Sorry your friend/collaborator is angry with us for making this thread, I guess I could have told you, however I didnt necessarily see the reason for it. In any case, if it bothers you that much, we can take down this thread. Im still going to do Illthian's sig, so after that well stop if you want.
  3. Ok, so me and Enkidu were talking, fortunately for me, he was impressed with my photoshop and sig making expertise. Later on, we decided it might be fun to make a signature creation/request thread. So first things first, proof that I can actually make anything on photoshop/previous sigs Ive made in the past: So I can make sigs from stocks like so: Or... Now, when you ask for requests, I will try my hardest to achieve what you ask for, however I tend to work best if I am able to explore multiple possibilities and different paths within the process. So what this means is that basically, I will always keep the original pokemon character image present within the signature, but the effect of it all, may look slightly different. Long story short, if you just provide me with a pokemon to use, and leave the rest up to me, it will allow me to explore my visions much more thoroughly. If by chance the image you provided does not work well in terms of composition, or quality, I will ask you if I can use a separate image of the same pokemon or character. To prevent this post from getting too much longer, Enkidu will be discussing what makes a render or stock photo "good" for sigs, and what makes others crap. When it comes to text within the sig, I will also include whatever you want to have put in the final sig. However it may wrench my heart and destroy my soul if I am forced to somehow incorporate a horrible super cheesy quote thats made of fail. So, I would be glad to take signature requests from yall, however please do not expect them within the same day, as I have a job, school, and life and may not be able to get to crafting them for you right then. I will however get them in to you within 1-2 days, and if I cannot make the deadline, I will notify you. Thanks, who wants first ups?
  4. So I've been lurking here for quite awhile without an account and with me actually noticing that you guys had an "art work" forum I decided to check it out as I'm really into graphic design and art in general ( drawing, print making photoshop) so I registered and cast my vote on the banner thread Anyway, whats up? I hope to post a team here soon that I want to get some advice on. I'm not generally a serious person and steer away from people who are taking everything too seriously, but other than that , Hello.
  5. I voted for the Cubone one, although I prefer this Gengar one better, and honestly, yes that is what Dark Pulse should look like. Looking at everyone else's submissions, I see that everyone some pretty neat ideas and concepts for their banners, but I feel that in some areas they may have fell short. Regardless they all show a nice interpretation of the task at hand. Best of luck to all of you!
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