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  1. Okay, I gonna use that. I did know about it but that's not the way I was searching for... Thanks anyway.
  2. Interesting, thank you. I do have a little question. Is there a way to know which game corresponds to a PID or friend code ? 4g or 5g, that's easy, but want to know if a connected game is diamond, pearl, black, ... I'm making a "rainbow table" right now, there are a few recordings but not big enough to get interesting values...
  3. Oops, yes, I did not tell you back. Everything works now, I don't know what happened, I entirely rewrote the encoder and it works fine now. Maybe did I forget something, but I don't know what. Thank you anyway for everything.
  4. Just to say, I talked about the urlsafe base64 encoder problem on my last line, my script wont work for now :j
  5. Okay, I'm afraid nothing works, except logging in into the GTS server. The INFO.ASP of my server returns the good values now, but i always have the "disconnected" error "13274". You can try by yourself, server is HGSS/dppt works well, but not B/W. You can see your PID and the pokemon you are waiting on the page The .pkm used is here : (right click + save) Can somebody tell me what's wrong ? Thank in advance. PS : thanks Willaien, I found the problem. I stripped the trailing "=", but saw we must not.
  6. Just one thing : In the Wiki page of the GTS Protocol, in the "Data" section, its written, for the footer : Also, I tried to do that in PHP, but the game always disconnected. By the way, I did not obtain the correct footer for \x01\x00 return. I figured out that the response have to be encoded with CLASSIC base64, not urlsafe. That way, I got everything to work. ...if someone can confirm that in other languages, it's not the urlsafe base64_encode one, or correct in the wiki that wrong part, it would be kind.
  7. Exact, the secondary DNS is there only in case the first won't work...
  8. Hello (and Welcome to me, I know). I'm just working on a FULL PHP GTS server, and will examinate your code with attention... Evil cheater, using python for calculating values (the part of encoding .pkm is already done on my server, if you're intersted...). Just for you to know, the part with sockets is very difficult in this server with PHP, because of the port 80, used by Apache... And the asynchron connexion. Thank you for your egts server. PS : I'm a French speaking Swiss, so don't pay attention to my scabrous english :bidoof:
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