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  1. Yes, that is right. Sorry, I read through but for some reason the fact that it was color coded green made me think that it was tested. Should have been more careful as I was reading through this. Sorry about that.
  2. The rename traded Pokemon code does not seem to be working. I talk to the man in huin city and he still treats the Pokemon like they are traded. Is there some sort of button combination involved in this one, or is it automatic? I do know that all the other codes I put in work and I've rechecked the code when I added it to my cheat database. What gives?
  3. Are there any out yet for the event beasts that you can transfer to Pokemon Black/White? I've been searching with no luck whatsoever. I would prefer it for the Japanese versions of the game. Thanks in advance to those who can help out.
  4. Um did everyone ignore my post? I'd at least like a response to it even if its fruitless.
  5. Are you still working on this code or has it been completed yet? For some reason or another, the games' coding that involved the Bill event has screwed up and now in the ecruteak pokemon center I see Bill on the left top floor but he won't come down, if I go up there he blocks my path and I can't speak to him. If I walk back down the stairs I can walk through him. This happened long after I had gotten my first evee and I didn't use any codes that involved Bill's event. The only event code I used was the legendary trio re-triggering. It's not game breaking but, I'd rather he not be there, if he's not suppose to be anymore. Plus I wouldn't mind getting more evees!
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