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  1. I have the same problem. Not sure why but it's only doing it for Mew. The Trainer Name is Ricky and it's changing it to Ricォy :-/ On my Mewtwo, and some other Pokemon, the escape sequence is changing from "\FFFF\0000\FFFF" to "\FFFF\FFFF\FFFF" when I load the file as well.
  2. I'd gladly pay. Your hard work is very much appreciated Codr! Paypal would be good because it's universally well known IMO.
  3. Your met location is set to "Poke Transfer Lab". It should be "(PokeTransfer)" near the top of the list. If it still doesn't work then I dunno why. What checker are you using because I don't think there is one that works for Gen V yet.
  4. I see, that makes sense, thanks Edit: The Eeveelutions are available in Europe/US as well now though so you could just make them English and legal, right? Re-Edit: Nevermind, I think I get it. You can catch the ES/US versions once the Global Link is up, which I don't think it is yet.
  5. So it stays as a Japanese Pokemon even if it's hatched in an English game? Also why can't it have egg moves? Just trying to understand how this works
  6. Where did they supposedly release a Vaporeon with its Dream World ability? Assuming that's correct and your PID is ok the only issue I see is that your Vaporeon is from the future >_>
  7. Interesting. I always thought the "met" tab only applied to where you met the Pokemon in Black/White and, therefore, if it was hatched in Gen IV you didn't need to worry about the egg stuff since you're meeting it as a full grown Pokemon in Black/White.
  8. Is it not just 2 because you're not meeting it as an egg in Black/White?
  9. Lol here ya go, hopefully it'll be good this time Hydreigon2-1.pkm
  10. Lol yeah I just saw that, did you need me to upload the new file or have you done it now?
  11. Good good, glad I can help, I'm still learning this stuff myself lol.
  12. No probs, just wish I could help more with explaining the Pokesav stuff but it's tough when I'm using a different program Here's Hydreigon, hopefully it'll work now. Hydreigon2-1.pkm
  13. Missed a couple of things on that Ninetales. I set it to be bred in Black so it has Drought and it should work, here's the correct version. Let me know if they work please ninetales_Bred.pkm
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