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    1 minute ago, TeamRocketCollector said:

    My God, you really DID catch'em all. *slow applause* Well done. I had hoped to do this as an act of donation back in Gen 6 but you took what i had planned and did so much more. Not all heroes wear capes. Even if people did this before you, it is admirable you still did so to accomplish your personal goal and went beyond. What's more, given your reputation on the forums, i have 100% confidence in the legitimacy of your methods even if some are...not necessarily authentic (I mean, who could with gen 1-2 with no way to transfer to gen 3?) Great job, keep up good work! When I first joined here a number years ago, I had found out about your youtube and had watched a lot of your old tutorials that had helped me out. Once more, awesome job. You have officially become "the very best like no one ever was."

    Thanks! Not sure what you mean about the Gen 1-2 bit, Gen 1 migrates directly to Gen 7 and I haven't migrated Gen 2, though that's now possible too :)

    Glad to see my YouTube videos on my abandoned channel helped in the past, maybe I should get around to posting some stuff...


    3 hours ago, jericric said:

    Thank you very much!!!!!
    Is there any available version where it is not split into .dll and .exe like the december version? Because I used to run it via winebottler in my mac before but now that it's split into two files its not working anymore..



    22 minutes ago, pokemonsuki said:

    Exception Details:
        PKHeX.Core.PKMConverter.convertToFormat(PKM pk, Type PKMType, String& comment)
        PKHeX.WinForms.Main.openFile(Byte[] input, String path, String ext)
        PKHeX.WinForms.Main.openQuick(String path, Boolean force)

    Make a support thread with details on what you were trying to do.


    2 hours ago, Simmsy said:

    the new PkHex update refuses to open 

    Got it to work but now every time i go to file - open i get this 

    PKHeX now remembers the last directory where it opened a save. If you previously opened a save from an external media and later removed it, PKHeX would still try to open from that directory and show that error. Just hit [Cancel] a few times and you're good to go.


    4 minutes ago, Pablogf said:

    I can download it because when I try to install the Pkhex.exe file the antivirus block it. Can you please update the post or how can I solve it?

    Sorry for my english.

    Update or disable your anti-virus, or get a better one. Which AV are you using?

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