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  1. You need to beat the subway master in the dark green line first. You might get lucky and encounter him within the first seven matches, but it took me about 28 rounds.
  2. News on the Battle Subway. Apparently, you only freeze on the normal Dark Green line of the Battle Subway. At least, so far...I've played through the Light Green Line (Harder Single Battle's) and haven't experienced any freezing, and I've fought the toddler. Another poster posted that he went through 28 Battles as well, and hasn't encountered any freezing either. I just lost so I didn't get past 8 Matches...but I'll play some more to experiment this theory.
  3. Yep, I remember looking into the issue too. Is it likely that there might be a fix? Or is it something ingame that can't really be dealt with?
  4. Tried going through the Battle Subway and it froze immediately. Using Akaio 1.8, Patch V4, and Rudolph V2. I'll look around for a solution.
  5. I guess I'll give the battle subway a run then. I haven't seen the battle subway in the "errors" section either.
  6. I'm not sure if this issue has been fixed or not (haven't touched black after V3 released), but is the battle subway issue dealt with? Or is it an impossible fix and the issue remains when fighting the toddler?
  7. I'm not looking for an update to the V3 Release, however, is it possible to release a "bug-fix" patch? Most of these bugs have been around since V2 release and it would help to release something that makes such patches work smoother. For example, the V2 Patch is helpful (when it comes to TM's, Pokedex, etc.) but the fact that money and BP points don't appear isn't something that should be held off until the next patch (which is at an unknown release date IIRC)... Of course, this post is probably in vain, but I hope you can see where I'm coming from. Having to switch to V1 for purchasing items, and having to switch to Japanese for Battle Subway, and so forth isn't ideal. Just my two cents.
  8. Well I just fought N in Karakuso Town (start of Pokemon Black) and the game froze on me. Before it didn't seem to freeze before, might be an issue you want to look into.
  9. *Shoots in Head* Sunday lol. Great job man, must say I was getting a bit worried when everyone seemed to be worrying about everything BUT the story. Guess I'll be waiting till Sunday. Wonder what I'll do in the meantime lol.
  10. Also I would love a White Patch as well, because I think it has the better legend. I am also excited for the Pokemon obtainable in White Forest =D.
  11. I have also completed Route 1. Everything is translated up to the point where Bell ask if you caught any Pokemon and you get the call on your Live Caster. That is back in Japanese. Also the girl in the last house before you exit the town along with her dad who gives you the Pokeball is also still in Japanese. Other than that fine and looking beyond great. =D.
  12. Like Velocity said, I played through the Battle Subway with a clean rom (exp patched as well), and everything went perfect. It could be the english patch...
  13. Maybe...I still haven't tried without the English Patch in general. But I'll get around to testing that later. I'll post on GBA Temp to see if I can get some answers.
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