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  1. Pokemon colosseum and XD Yami no Kaze Dark Lugia Japanese save file

    As i got motivated  from the  Japanese HG catridge i purcahsed  to complete the japanese version of these games using OT name of Japanese HG save file i posted earlier,ALL Story and side quest is completed in both games,All shadows pokemons of both games are snagged and captured in their respective games,in pokemon colosseum even that three  rare E-reader pokemon that are scanneing to e-reader cards that has only been released in japan are also snagged and purified and all 3  e-reader pokemons that are caught are shinies obtained to shiny hunted.MATTLE Battle(battle mode) in pokemon colosseum is saved after completing 99th battle,you need to complete 100th battle to get MATTLE HOHO and in Pokemon XD all jhoto starters( which are also shinies procured  through shiny hunting ) are also obtainedafter completing Mattle battle.Ageto celebi from pokemon japanese bonus disk obtained in pokemon colosseum,Orre colosseum and Battle cd's completed in pokemon XD,Also starter of pokemon XD evee is shiny which is shiny hunted inspired from the heartgold save file shiny evvelutions i founnd and shiny Duking Larvitar which was also shiny hunted.Extra competitive  pokemons are traded from gba i breeded ,and a shiny modest nature  deoxy obtained through rnging  to both irrespective games for completeing Oree challenge and MT.battle challenge,yeah japanes version of these save are limited in online,so i created 2 completed save of these games,i hope all of you enjoy this saves


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  2. Pokemon Heartgold Japanese +10 year old save file

    Hi all,iam new here in this community,
    so as a joining present i would like to like to share a save file that is more than 10 year old worth in a japanese  Pokemon heart gold catridge that i purchased from a website,The save file  has lots of stuff and pokemons  there like when i examined it has almost all boxes full of legit pokemons i believe it is like  event pokemons,collection of  pokwalker mons,pokemon transfered from palpark(gen 3),Pokemons from colosseum and xd etc,it even has lot of shinies which iam pretty sure all are legit from what i examined,it even has all 7 evee evolutions legit shinies i believe its from 5 to 4 from pokemon colosseum starter,all kanto and jhoto shiny starters which are all  legit from what i can see,lot of competitive pokemons with some i think perfect ivs,lof of traded pokemons from other games DPPT,SS etc
    The save file is full completed i think like all trainer card stars quest completed,Elite four,post kanto game and beaten Red,pokedex compled  etc when i checked
    oh,also the guy who played this save file was a pokathelon Veteran i think,he  has insane amout of records in it and its not cheated,he has spend more  that 200 hours in pokeathelon and he has like 493 medalist pokemon(full pokedex),so its not cheated i believe,all battle frointer quest compeleted,the save file play time +800 hours so i think,this guy put some decent amount of time in to this game
    I dont find this guy cheated on ths save,every quest he completed i guess completed legit and all event pokemons including myticals all are Legit,btw it also has shiny ranger  manaphy and shiny jirachi which is either wishmkr or from pokemon channel,its 100% legit when i checked it
    ths max amout of money can be claimed itscheated but i dont think,from what i see, with amulet coins and remtach trainer facility its very easy to earn max money,so,its not big deal
    so,when i got this game catridge  and explored it completely,i found this website so i want to share it with people too worldwide,i know this game save file is very old gen,but there should people like me who is searching for very old save files like these and Traverse across people play memories,
    this save file even motivated me to complete my japanese pokemon colosseum and XD that i bought from the website which i will be uploading completed save soon
    so,yeah Enjoy and have a nice day all!


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