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  1. SendPKM.exe, DNS_Server.exe, and Firefox were the only things open at the time when I was trying to use it. I don't think firefox could cause that, could it? Oh well, I'll keep trying :\
  2. I'm trying to use GTS Nuker, and a Windows message keeps popping up saying that SendPKM.exe has stopped working. Its not giving me any potential fixes, its just telling me that SendPKM.exe stopped working correctly, and it needs to close. Any advice about this? Not sure what is causing it, but I figure I can't be the only person having this problem.
  3. I think it would be awesome if the people who understand these things the best could make up some sort of user manual for them, and maybe a FAQ for them as well. would clear up a lot of these questions people have.
  4. @Arjun - PeeB4UGo: From what I understand, anybody who has the IP for the sendpkm setup can access it, making it an automatic "distribution center". All you have to do is hand out the IP to be input into as the system's DNS, and they all can access it.
  5. I can't seem to get it to work for me. I'm using a laptop with Vista, and I've tried running it both wirelessly and with a cable going to the router. I've opened port 53, and forwarded it on the router to this computer. I put the IP that sendpkm gave me in as the DNS info in the WFC setup. Every time I go it either tells me I can't connect, or gives me the blue error screen. Did I miss something on this thread? Some help would be greatly appreciated
  6. I've had mine for 18 days now, and i've collected 567543 steps, and 30128 watts. Trying to get that flying pikachu at the moment. Already got a few surfing ones, and by ONE, he means one of the 2 class A pokemon. You can get multiples of them during a walk.
  7. I think the site you're looking for is pkmdb.com. they have have all kinds of downloads available there to make pokesav'd ards codes
  8. I made a few eggs of shiny pokemon that i was planning on trading to soul silver when I get it, and I tried trading them over to my platinum first. they traded fine, but their shiny status didn't stay when I tested hatching them. they hatched into shinies fine on pearl (where i created them). any way to make them stay shiny when traded? some tips would be great. *EDIT* Answer found ~2 weeks ago.
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    If you're using ARDS, I have the code for you. It gives you the wondercard, and you get the event jirachi from the green man at the pokemart. confirmed for pearl, unsure about diamond, but it should work. Jirachi Wondercard Diamond Pearl
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