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  1. I want to edit my game so it plays the right music in the right places. How would I go about, for example, fixing HG/SS so it plays the Kanto Cave Theme in Mt. Moon instead of the Johto Cave Theme that was used for some reason?
  2. As I understand it, the pokemon that are towards the bottom of the list are less common and vice versa. I'm not sure if it's possible to set the encounter ratio for individual pokemon via PPRE. Yes, Persian is in Route 7. If you were to replace both instances of Persian with, say, Squirtle, then Squirtle would appear in the same manner as Persian would in terms of encounter ratio, on that particular route.
  3. PPRE Trainer Battle Script

    Is there any way to have trainer behavior like with the SS Aqua trainers from G/S/C? For example, in those games, even when you defeated all the trainers on the boat, they'd be able to be rebattled the next time you rode on the boat.
  4. Unfortunately, a lot of the GB Player music sounds too different to the original tracks, so I find myself preferring the HG/SS music to a lot of them. It's a shame they couldn't make them sound more authentic to the originals, because I'd use it a lot more often.
  5. This looks great so far. I've edited my Heart Gold ROM to try it out, and the Wild Pokemon location changing works well enough. However, unlike changing wild pokemon in earlier games, doing so in this game doesn't seem to change their location data in the in-game pokedex. Do you plan on somehow implementing a way to do this in this project?